Maytag Bravos with heater question.

bookertJuly 24, 2011

Wondering if the heater works on most cycles? I'm contemplating buying a new washer and am leaning towards the new GE Profile with heater. I have the old version Harmony and like it very much.

That being said, the Maytag Bravos is my second choice due to it also having a heater. What cycles use it?

Hopefully more than just the sanitary cycle.

I don't have 220v otherwise I'd probably try to get a used Miele or Asko. No concrete sub floor though, not sure if that would cause problems. Had an LG FL a number of years back and it shook pretty bad!

Thanks for the help, it's appreciated!

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I think the Harmony and the LG WaveForce only use the heater on two cycles: Bright Whites and Sanitary. The GE manual says Sanitary goes up to 140F.

Maytag's manual says:

Sanitary with Oxi - Yes
Heavy Duty - Yes
Whites - Yes
Bulky - Yes
Sheets - Yes
Normal - Yes
Power Wash - Yes
Colors/Towels - yes
Rapid Wash - Yes
Hand Wash - Yes
Clean Washer - No
Soak - No
Rinse & Spin - No
Drain & Spin - No

HTH, Alex

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Thank you Alex!
This may be my answer even though I gave my year old Oasis to my mom ( she loves it, I wasn't giddy over it) and bought a Harmony. Love it!
Hoping the Bravos washes differently than the Oasis...

If I may ask....
What thoughts do you have comparing the stainless steel interior basket to the porcelain? My mind tells me the stainless keeps more germs at bay. Am I looped??

Thanks in advance!

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as Alex said, the LG uses the heater in the bright whites and sanitary cycle, which heats the water to 160 degree's. I dont think there is a defference in keeping germs at bay between stainless and porcelain. If one were a plastic tub, that would be different. I have the LG, very happy with it

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So you think the stainless tubs are just for a fancy look??

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I am a very grateful owner of a Maytag Bravos 850 (which has an internal heater). I can vouch for the list of cycles posted above. The water gets VERY hot -- feels like at least 160 F to me.

The internal water heater can also be used to warm wash water. This is a great feature in the wintertime when my water is naturally colder and I want a true warm wash.

I really like the stainless tub because rust will never be a problem. I also haven't had a problem with the wall of the tub 'grabbing' my laundry and causing pulls like porcelain tubs did.


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Mara's comment is spot on. I would not consider a Bravos unless it has the heater. I've been very very pleased with my 850, especially the selectable"clean boost with heater" button. It adds quite a bit of time to the cycle, but the performance is worth it.

Another seldom-mentioned feature is the way the Bravos handles unbalanced loads. My previous Kenmore Elite required a lot of attention to keep some loads from malfunctioning. Not so with the Bravos. When it hits "unbalanced," it goes into a routine that somehow fixes the problem. It adds a few minutes to the cycle, but in a year I've never had a load that the machine couldn't resolve. The Bravos won't "walk" the way my previous washers did when unbalanced.

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Ok, just so I'm clear, according to the list whirlpool trainee provided, the heater is implemented in all of the "yes" cycles??
Is this model still available?
What was your approx. cost?

Thanks for your replies, very much appreciated.

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At Lowe's today, saw a Bravos with the glass lid. Not sure what selector button indicates whether it had a heater. No salesman in sight!
Mara can you chime in? Would this be the same model that you currently have or did Maytag come out with a newer version still??

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The easiest way to see current models is to look on the manufacturer's website. The heater button on my 850 Bravos is marked "clean boost with heater."

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bookert, I apologize for the delay in answering you; I've been out of town for a few days. I have the 850 Bravos model. Hope this helps! If you need more info, let me know. I'll be home for a while. :)

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