Anyone have the new GE Profile washer?

bookertJuly 24, 2011

Used to be called the Harmony. I saw one at LOWES and don't remember seeing the Harmony name on it.

It's a Tier 11 machine, and what I'm looking for.

I'm hoping it operates the same way as the older units do.

If anyone can provide some detail, I'd appreciate it!

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Bookert, have you purchased this machine? What are your current thoughts on it as well as on GE customer service. I've read that this is essentially the LG and the youtube video of the drum breaking free is frightening. I have been waiting for someone to reply to your post. Sorry I cannot give feedback on the machine, but I would like to know what your current thinkng is about this machine. The internal heater in a TL is what intrigues me about this machine. Thanks.

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Hi ludy-2009,

No, haven't purchased one yet.
I have the GE Harmony now and have had good service thru GE. I purchased an extended warranty thru them and had one service call for each machine (washer and dryer). No problems with service calls or tech servicing.

I don't overload my machine and not implying that's what happened to the video user, but lots of people I know cram the drums full because it "fits". NOT my way of thinking.
Stuff can happen for sure, not likely to occur IMHO.
Yes, the heater option would be a plus!
Because I love my current unit so much I'm leaning towards the GE, not the similar LG even though they look nice! =)

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a showroom set up to where we could try out numerous units??!! Would be so sweeeeeet!

I am super picky on what I buy so I tend to over analyze!
Cost is an issue for me, so I drag my feet hoping for a deal. These units aren't low end cost.

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Hello bookert, last month I was shopping around for a new dryer and I ordered GE profile dryer directly from their outlet website. When the dryer got delivered to me and the tech plugged it in, it was terible noise and was found defective. I refused the delivery and decided to opt for money back. Few days later my washer broke and I decided to start over and look for a new washer/dryer set.
I did some internet research, read some reviews and then went to best buy where I purchased Samsung combo, WF431 with foam, steam and VRT technology. They had a great promotion and the machines looked amazing. I got them delivered shortly after, about two weeks ago.
I was very excited about them but got disappointed shortly after.
First and foremost, although the laundry appeared to be clean and smelled fresh, much better than from my old TL, but stains did not come off completely. That was a huge turnoff for me because my main priority is to get stains out. And then after 6 days the dryer broke. All of a sudden while I was drying my children's car seats covers, the dryer popped and it does not work ever since. The power does not even come on. Since I was still within my 30 days exchange/ return period I decided to do more research and after days spent online and reading posts and reviews, I decided to order Electrolux Wave washer/dryer. Although I went over my budget, I got a good deal from Lowes and their pricing on extended warranty is unbeatable, extra four years for both machines only $180!
I am supposed to have them delivered next week and I hope my quest for washer/dryer will be finally satisfied!

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Have you been to the GE website and looked at the new Harmony's? Different than before, now with a dial and I believe a larger tub..

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The GE Profile Harmony is a Kenmore Elite is a WaveForce. In other words, the are all manufactured by LG with slight feature modifications for each brand.

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