LIRIO Aloe Vera powdered detergent anyone?

bookertJuly 24, 2010

Has anyone tried this Mexican detergent?

It has STTP in it as well as Aloe Vera.

Also appears NOT to have optical brighteners.

The scent is very light and pleasant.

Not sure if it contains enzymes either.....

The ingredients are in Spanish so it's a bit difficult to decode! =)

I have been using the VIVA brand but it has much more

scent that doesn't go away in the rinse cycle or dryer.

Interestingly, Ariel Bajaespuma is no longer available and can't be ordered! Yes, I tried.

Anyone have a clue why they stopped making it?

Thanks for your help!

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Washed a load of dish cloths. Fresh stains did not come out on one, all others look and smell clean. No lingering scent, just pleasant smelling.

Second load of bath towels came out nice and clean. There were no stains to remove.

Suds were only present at the start of the warm wash (my warm is really warm, not lukewarm) and then barely noticeable after the first 5 min. or so.

Question, what can I add to loads that need enzymes to clean the stains??

I like that this detergent doesn't appear to contain optical brighteners so I'd like to continue using it.
Also the smell is very nice, not overly so like the Ariel powder and liquid I use.

This detergent seems to be on the lower end as far as I can tell in my online google search, but I'm ok with it as long as it cleans well. The price was $12 for a 5K bag which will last a long time.

Thanks for your suggestions and comments.

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