Worried about laundry in upstairs closet- Need advice

icenetJuly 5, 2010

Hi All,

We are about to move into a townhouse that has the laundry upstairs in a closet. We want to replace the existing washer/dryer will a larger LG combo.

If I stack the LGs, they will stick out from the door jam by about 2". I guess we can remove the door and just leave it off. I don't think it is possible to expand the closet dimensions in any direction.

Has anyone else had the same problem? Do you think have the combo protruding is a bad idea? Any other info will be appreciated. Thanks!!!

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Only one, and it has nothing to do with that unit. We once bought a (brand new) unit in a condominium and found out that they vented the dryer to the attic space. LOL. The builders couldn't get enough units sold to close in a timely manner and we converted to renting until we bought a house. That was a blessing in disguise.

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You can build out the doorway molding and re-hang the doors. Having the units stick out 2"'s would annoy me. I have to keep my door ajar when I am letting the front load washer dry out (to prevent the smell and mold), but I can close it when I want.

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Seems as if building the door out would stick out worse than just letting the w/d stick out and removing the door. No?

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