installing 2cm non-laminated countertops

jansin62January 23, 2013

I am kind of liking the look of the thin countertops. We have chosen Cambria. Here's what my KD said when I asked about it:

"If you do a 2 cm top, we will have to customize every base cabinet and tall cabinet to be the proper height. Cabinets are not made for 2cm thick counters. They are made for 3 cm and 1 �" tops."

So, my question, is there really a thing with the cabs for installing 2cm non-laminated Cambria. In my totally naive thinking, I just assumed you just plunk it on like the 3cm. I don't really understand the customization she's talking about. Would it be because of my range? We are not getting built-ins.

My GC has never done 2cm, and recommends 3cm, but is game to do it if I want it.

Thoughts? TIA!


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If you are doing any to the counter cabinets, she's right. The top alignement height will be off if you have tall cabinets also. If you aren't doing any tall cabinets and to the counter cabinets, then the overall height should be fine.

The other issue will be that the cabinets will need a complete solid plywood subtop to support the counters if you do not want to put a plywood subtop on them. That's probably a decent upcharge. Usually, the top of cabinets are not solid. They just have corner braces. So, to install 2 cm counter, a subtop of plywood is applied. That top will show with 2 cm, as it rests on top of the cabinets. So that's why 2 cm is traditionally laminated at the edge. You could also do a stainless steel trim piece, or a cabinet trim piece to hide the plywood. Your KD would actually have to open the spec book and see what trims can work with what size plywood. You might have to use 3/4" ply, as many trims are 3/4". But, I'd also have to open my spec book to see if any could work with 1/2" ply.

As far as your range goes, it will sit slightly higher with 2 cm tops than 3cm or 4cm laminated ones, but it's not that big of a deal if it's a free standing or a pro style range. It is a bigger deal with a slide in range, as those have a limited amount of adjustability and unfinished sides.

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My builder messed up and installed 2cm quartz with no laminate edge and this is how it looks like. I original wanted a 1.5'' laminate edge but I'm not sure if this is how it's suppose to look because you can see the support underneath the slab. Does anyone know if this is the correct way the 2cm should've been installed and is the trim you're talking about above regarding covering the base shown on the picture?

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I can't answer your question, but rather than posting similar questions across a number of different threads (including a number of threads that are well over a year old), perhaps you can just post your own thread and ask all your questions there. It would save you and the people who read this board a lot of time.

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