LG Wave topload HE Washer Experience ??

catsyJuly 25, 2010

Does anyone have any experience with this washer? I just had a bad experience with a Whirlpool Cabrio toploader and wonder if they all maybe perform alike. I don't have room for a fl washer and really would like to know thoughts/recommendationss on He toploaders.

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Referencing your other posts ... what cycle did you use for the sheets and what loading technique? Looking at the Cabrio 7800 online, it has a specific cycle for sheets, described as using more water and with wash action designed to reduce wadding. These HE impeller-type machines use a very different washing action than agitator-type machines. They are less forgiving at simply tossing in a mixed load (such as sheets + towels) and selecting the Normal cycle, as people did with their old machine. It's important to sort properly and use the appropriate cycle. The various cycles are there for a reason.

As for literally "tossing in" the load, that also doesn't work so well, particularly with large items such as sheets. Each sheet (flat or fitted) should be gathered into a bundle and dropped straight down beside the drum wall ... not wrapped length-wise around the drum or laid across the impeller. Several sheets should be placed around the drum for a balanced load. Smaller pieces such as pillow cases should be placed between the larger pieces.

Mara_2008 is getting satisfactory results from her Maytag Bravos, which is a Cabrio in a different wrapper. It'd be interesting to hear some specific details on how she sorts, loading techniques, and which cycles are used. Perhaps she could put some videos on YouTube to show how her machine performs.

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I have the LG and love it!!

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Could you please make a video of the LG wave washing and rinsing? I am interested in purchasing a set but I haven't had much luck with the HE washers I have purchased (Kenmore Oasis, Kenmore HT frontloader, and the GE Harmony). I know the LG Waveforce is supposed to be similar to the GE Harmony as both are manufactured by LG. Thanks so much.

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The door locks while washing but you can pause it to put stuff in! But do not know how to make a video of it! Ask at Home Depot that is where I got mine and love the set! Dryer dries really fast>>Linda

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