End of the road for our Fisher Paykel DGGX1

workingmomx3July 9, 2013

I think tonight we heard our DGGX1's death rattle. We've been having it "stick" off and on (the lock disengages, but the drum hasn't rotated fully open). We have had to manually rotate the drum to open it. It did it again tonight. The second time it did it we heard a large bang and rattle and you can see that part of the drum is slid way down inside.

Given that we've had lint problems (I need to take it apart and clear the screen and sensors at least every 3-4 weeks), replaced the drum bearings, and the sensors work intermittently, I think we are done. We've had this dryer since January 2006.

I guess I will find out tomorrow or the next day if it is worth repairing.

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