Washer died today - need new one asap

techigirl78July 5, 2010

My washer took a dump today and I'm done with my Kenmore washer and dryer. They constantly break and at 9 years old, I think I'm ready for new ones.

Now I have a short time to pick out a new washer. It looks like Samsung, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Bosch, and Miele all seem to get a lot of mention here.

I'm looking for the following:

- Get clothes clean - including extremely dirty clothes (fiance works construction and we have lots of pets)

- Deals with pet hair well

- Good reputation

- Easy access for repairs/cleaning

- Quiet

Can anyone push in the right direction to help me narrow things down a little to 1-2 brands or models?

Also, we have a 1st floor laundry room (in bathroom) without added support and vinyl flooring with standard wood subfloor. For the front load washers, it sound like I would either need to put concrete support under a FL washer or move it to the basement and redo plumbing/electrical. Is this assumption correct? Some of the post were older, so I'm not sure. Either option would be a lot of work for us on such short notice.

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I think it is now between the Samsung and Electrolux Wave Touch. My fiance likes the Samsung WF448AA Platnium as it looks nicer to him, sturdier door, better reviews, silver touch allows door to be shut and is sold more often. Both seem to get good reviews, but consumer reports gives Samsung higher ratings. While the door is filmsy on the Electrolux, I like the display and the bigger size. I also like that Electrolux seems to have a good customer service rep, while Samsung appears to have issues based on forum posts.

After pricing it out with the Electrolux Wave Touch rebate, the Samsung and Electrolux would be nearly the same price including tax, extended warranty, and delivery. Which set would you get?

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If you need to soak your clothes to remove heavy duty dirt, that's something that front loading machines don't do well. Only a few have a minimal soak option.

Removing pet hair from clothes is also not a forte of front loading machines. You will rely on the dryer to do that and then you'll have to clean the pet hair out of the washers drum.

It sounds to me like a top loading machine would work best in your case. I would suggest a Whirlpool top loader. they are pretty reliable.

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I, too, would recommend a TL. Check out the new LG top loading Wave series (5001 & 5101). Many Home Depots carry them.

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That is disappointing. I have been looking forward to a front load washer. My work clothes and other items seem destroyed by the agitator and when I dry sheets and blankets they constantly get spun into balls. My fear is a new top loader would do the same - would the recommended top loaders or have they gotten better?

I guess it sounds like a trade off. His work clothes not being as clean and cleaning out pet hair for longer lasting clothes and energy savings. Or a machine that can deal with his work clothes and pet hair that costs more to run and wears clothes faster. Does this sound correct? Our old top load using soak, second rinse, and heaviest setting never made his clothes look clean. They didn't stink, that was really all that mattered. He works with concrete (spraying) and welds at work (lots of holes). We beat the clothes outside before washing, but once worn to work, the clothes never look "clean" again. I don't know if any washer will realistically clean that out. If the FL gets them back to smelling good and kills the germs, that's all that matters as they are replaced on a monthly basis. Thoughts?

One other question, my co-worker said he had a front loader and when they wash the dog bed it actually seems to pull out more hair during wash (as seen in drain) and that they just do a rinse afterwards to cleanout any residue hair. Is this a option?

I wish I had a bigger house and could just get a TL and FL like some on this forum seem to do.

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I just bought the LG 5101 and matching dryer..Will be delivered Friday..Will let you know how I like it!

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The question with the dog hair in the drum is that if you run a plain rinse in an empty machine will the dog hair exit the drum via the little holes in the drum? Chances are most of it won't if it is longer hair. A microfiber cloth should make this task easy.
You are correct in stating that there are trade offs between FL and TL models. We have dogs (labs) and have a TL machine. But people I know who have adapted to their FL machines and use a good detergent say that their FL machines clean clothing better.
Think of this, TL machines push the clothes through the water and FL machines push the water through the clothes.

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Hi techigirl78, how are you liking your new Electrolux? :)

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There are TL's that don't have agitators inside, I saw it at Lowe's and somewhere else.

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I bought a Miele Touchtronic 4842 last winter....a love affair. I went from top loader to front loader and would never ever go back!

Our laundry room is on the second floor near the upstairs bedrooms, so I had major concern about vibration, etc and spent hours scouring the internet for a simple solution to deal with possible vibration. We ended up having a carpenter reinforce the floor with 3/4 inch plywood, then went to a tack shop and bought a Stall mat that is used in barns for horses to stand on. It worked beautifully.

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They should be delivered in a few hours. It bites paying for delivery, but it is nice that Sears is able to deliver them so quickly. Should have it hooked up tonight and be able to do at least one load of laundry.

I decided cleaning up the hair isn't that bad. Usually only items with lots of hair is our bedding and the pet bedding - plus towels and things we use on them.

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Got them last night! I'm very happy so far and really like the teal color I got. The first thing I did was test out the steam on the dryer. It pulled most of the wrinkles out from some of my stepdaughters dresses and my work pants. Not perfect like most info states, but tons better and wearable if needed without ironing.

Then, I did two loads. The first was a big load of towels and the second was whites. As my first FL washer, I was very impressed how dry they came out of the washer. It only took one running of the dryer (about 45 minutes) to dry all the towels - no more running the dryer twice to get my towels dry!

Also, I gave my dogs baths with some of the towels and only a small amount of hair collected on the window and around the boot which I easily cleaned off. I tried cleaning the drum, but no hair was in it. The hair was also removed from the towels and very little collected in the lint trap (usually much fuller with old TL).

This morning, I used the quick wash for some work clothes - washed while I ate breakfest and dry by the time I got out of the shower! Very nice feature.

Tonight I'll wash the bedding and my heavily soiled clothes.

One last point, we were concerned about the fluid dispenser and doors as the floor models seem broke at many stores. Mine seem to be working well. The Lowes sales guy said he had taken the springs out of the floor models there to use at home as the first models didn't have the same type of springs. Not sure if this happens often, just sturdy then I had seen (one hesitation we had).

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That's awesome feedback, techigirl78, great reading. Today, I'm ordering the Electrolux EIFLW55HIW IQ washer and the EIMGD55IIW IQ gas dryer from Lowe's. Should be delivered next Friday to my new house. :)

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Techie, Which models did you wind up getting?

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As I mentioned in previous post, my Electrolux washer and dryer were delivered today. I opted for the basic IQ models: the EIFLW55HIW and the EIMGD55IIW gas dryer with steam. First thing that impressed me was their quietness, even at high-speed spinning. No vibrations or unexpected noises and this is on the second floor of my house.

Next was the ease of use of the control panels. They're very straightforward and easy to understand. Also must say that Electrolux did a great job with their manuals, which are usually poorly written and hard to follow.

I love the blue indicator lights, those pressure-touch doors, the done chime, that incredible capacity, those beautiful steel drums. And the fact that they're made in Mexico only tells me that American appliance manufacturers must begin focusing more on making quality appliances, rather than having a difficult-to-maintain, broad selection.

Highly recommended.

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