Speed Queen Test Lab Video for Public View

bestf100July 28, 2011

There is a very interesting Alliance (Speed Queen) Test Lab Video that I just got finished looking at. You can Google it and then look in the "Latest News" section, or download comlaundry.com.

After looking at it, I see why their washers are commercial grade. I am considering a Front Load Horizon (American Made) model for my next purchase. How is anyone's experience with this washer?

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bestf100, great video. Glad you brought it to our attention. I have been researching washers for some time now and we have decided to purchase a Speed Queen -- top load, however, not a front load. Good luck and thanks for sharing the video. If you learn more, I hope you will post. We will probably purchase this week or next.

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Good video. I do appreciate a machine made to last.

More important though is how it cleans. I don't believe they addressed that at all.

This video from Miele (The Art of Laundry) really illustrates a machine built to last but also built to clean outstanding.

I'm not familiar with the build quality of Speed Queen but I do know Miele uses materials most others do not (ie. enamel fronts - not painted metal, cast iron cradle vs. concrete, cast iron spiders vs. aluminum). All things that come at a cost.

What I appreciate about the Miele video is Miele's commitment to cleaning all types of fabrics. You can see how they really do "care" for fabrics not just wash them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele - The Art of Laundry Care

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Obviously the two videos serve different purposes. The Alliance video was not really intended as a marketing piece while Miele's video had all the fancy production values. Alliance markets to commercial laundries, so obviously they would focus on build quality, durability, and lifespan. By the same token, however, I doubt many commercial laundries or laundromats are overly concerned with delicate care of your silks and unmentionables unlike Miele.

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I never get tired of watching that video (The Art of Laundry).

I guess that was my point in posting the Miele video (in contrast to the Alliance one).

It appears (based on the video) that Alliance's main concern is building a unit to last 15 - 20 years.

I just don't see the point in that unless it also cleans at an outstanding level.

While the Miele video is clearly much "prettier", it illustrates in great detail the engineering that goes into the Miele machine to produce superior results.

I learn something new all the time about the Miele machine that makes me marvel at it's engineering. Many things Miele themselves don't even promote.

I've come to realize you really need to own it to appreciate its "nuances".

I'm certainly not trying to say it's perfect but it is pretty awesome.

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