The Chew

JoanMJune 21, 2012

"The Chew"

Does anyone else love this show? It is a daytime show so some people have probably never heard of it. It is my new favorite cooking show. They have so much fun with food.

You have 2 iron chefs, Michael Symon and Mario Batali and one of my favorites from Top Chef, Carla "Hootie Hoo" Hall. Clinton Kelly is the host and he is very funny. They have Dr Oz's daughter Daphne as the health and wellness guru. They have a great rapport and they laugh a lot.

Friday: Audience members from three generations of the same family bring their favorite recipe to cook.

I hope people catch on to this show. It is very real and the food is yummy. Today was chicken wing day. Carla's dish was really scary in concept but I wanted to reach through the TV and have one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carla Hall's BBQ Chicken Wing Cupcakes

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My mom loves it and is always telling me I should check it out.

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I can't stand Carla. Ever since I saw her on the first episode of one of The FN shows she rubbed me the wrong way. I like Michael Symon and I love watching Mario even though I think his recipes suck. That said, I have seen The Chew a few times and will watch it if I stumble across it but I would never seek it out.


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I like Michael Symon, I enjoy watching him and I like his recipes. His laugh just makes me grin and he's enthusiastic about everything. I read an interview once with someone who said that when Symon opened his first restaurant he wouldn't have anything on the menu that cost more than $20, he said he should be able to serve anyone a fine meal within that price range. I liked that premise.

I won't be able to watch "The Chew", though, since I cancelled TV subscription out of disgust months ago. If Elery and I actually live together after he retires in July, he'll HAVE to have his TV. I could care less about ever having it again, but I'm sure we will, LOL.


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you can " watch "it on your computer, their website has videos of the show, no commercials and just pick out the segments you want to see.

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I saw the show a while back and liked it.

Now that I'm on permanent vacation I'll be able to see more episodes, plus lots of other stuff.

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Thanks sffog, but I don't watch videos on my computer. It starts, stops, "buffers", then locks up about half the time. Heck, just loading the WFD thread here locks it up a lot of the time. It's painfully slow, although I have the "super fast" DSL. Yeah, sure I do. At least, that's what I pay for.

I get all my news from the internet, but if it's a video, I miss the news. Not that I care all that much, really, if it's in the news it's already happened and nothing I can do about it anyway!

I actually kind of like not having television, it had become very expensive mindless noise. With the advent of "reality TV", which is the industry's way of weaseling out of actually paying real actors to entertain us, it was even worse. I had 240 channels, I watched 3 of them and nothing was ever on TV. Sigh.

If anything was going to lure me back to TV, though, it would be that goofy laugh of Michael Symon's...

I've never even heard of "Carla".


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Annie, if it's any consolation to you, I would get rid
of my TV also. The reason I don't is that Mother can't
live without it. The commercials alone make me want
to scratch my eyes out and poke sharp sticks into my
ears. I especially hate those commercials that repeat,
over, and over, and over. As if I was going to go out
and buy whatever they were hawking, just because they
wouldn't stop repeating it, (ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH).

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lbpod, it's odd, I didn't have TV for a long time. When I met Elery he convinced me to sign up for satellite TV. It was fun for a while, a novelty, then the fun wore off and there was less and less on that I ever wanted to watch. Eventually I got disgusted by the constantly rising cost and cancelled, and I don't miss it at all. As for movies, I haven't seen one in years. I can't sit still that long and I have certain requirements. I want to be entertained, I don't want to be sad or scared or upset. I don't want any socially redeeming value and I want it to have a happy ending. Not much on to watch, LOL.

Except Michael Symon who is funny, entertaining, has no socially redeeming value other than he loves pork products and there's usually a happy and delicious ending, LOL.


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I've watched it a few times but don't look for it. I like the bald guy, can't stand that arrogant Mario Battalia or whatever his name is, the lady is OK and the host thinks he's a lot funnier than he is but is watchable if nothing else is going on.

Annie, there's something wrong there if you can't stream video on your machine. I have the basic DSL and have no problems. Are you trying to use a wireless connection? That can cause a lot of issues. Try hooking up directly (with a cable) and see if it's better. There's also sites where you can test your speed to see if it's a connection issue. It could also be an issue with your computer. I haven't had cable or satellite for a bout 10 years now and really don't miss it but was glad to get broadband so I can watch some good shows, like classic movies and good comedies.

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I love, love, love Carla. She was a contestant on Top Chef, then came back for their All Stars season. She is so endearing, it's hard to imagine not liking her. I like Syman and Batali, too. I'm unfamiliar with the host and Dr. Oz's daughter. I've never seen The Chew, and don't know what channel it's on. I'll look it up.

Annie, I can't do video on my computer, either. I don't understand why, cause it's only around 15 or so years old. It can't be that it's too old to update any more. (wink, wink).


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I've seen it a few times,
Didn't care for it.
Probably because I really don't care for Mario Batali.

Don't remember who else was on the shows I saw,
But whoever they were,
They made no impression on me.

But then, too, I've been pretty disenchanted
with ALL the cooking shows lately.


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When this show was set to debut, "they" were saying it would be awful. Frankly, I prefer it to the junk that's on the food network anymore?!? Just don't GET the whole cupcake thing? Reruns of reruns of reruns of Diner, drive-ins, and dives?!? Don't watch very much on that network since Good Eats went away.

Like Michael S... but that LAUGH is totally irritating. Like Mario B... but he definitely comes across as snobby. Carla H... like her and wish she had won Top Chef... but she's a bit unusual looking (distracting)... my understanding that she was a professional model at some point in her life?!? That Oz girl... my impression is she's the type who SWEARS plain rice cakes are delicious?!?

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