Built in wall heater

LesliePNovember 8, 2012

We have recently purchased an older home that has no heat in the bathroom except for a built in wall heater near the floor. It measures on the outside of the grill 15" long and 8" tall. It's old and an eye sore. I cannot find a new one anywhere close to that size. I have not removed the grill so I'm not positive about the opening in the wall (size ). Any help or advice is needed.

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Can you afford to hire an electrician to install a new one? Doing so would also allow a check that the wiring hookup is proper and in adequate condition so that you can be sure it operates safely.

Don't worry about matching the size. It's easy enough to buy a new one of any size and have a painter or handyman prepare the opening, patch the wall and repaint. Or, you can give it a try.

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I agree with previous poster.

is there any info you can see showing the wattage and electrical info on the heater? This info will let you purchase a replacement that has the same capacity.

These are fairly strightforward products.

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