Would you give up a window for a pantry?

dcward89January 19, 2014

So I posted yesterday that I was ready to hit the "Place Order" button for my Barker Cabinets. We had a little bit of demo left to do so we got into that before I could finalize the order...planned to do it this morning. The back wall of the kitchen is what we demo'd and this morning I started paying attention to the kitchen and noticing all the light streaming in now without a wall between the actual kitchen and that little hallway. I was thinking about the new layout and I started thinking instead of a pantry in the back corner of the room, maybe I could put lower cabinets and counters and a window above. You can see what I'm talking about in the photo below. Where the ladder is standing is a back door. Our current plan has us removing that door completely, building a wall there and installing a 36" floor-to-ceiling pantry there. We have another back door so that's not an issue and the only time I can remember the back door off the kitchen being open is when we replaced the old wooden door with a new door.

It would not be symmetrical at all with the other window over the sink as it would be much skinnier than the other window. I would have to figure out some other place for pantry items but I have a few ideas about that now too.

So my question to all of you is...would you give up a window for a pantry?

And please excuse all the construction mess...I guess you've all been there!

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I would have to see your full layout. I love windows, but first and foremost, I would have to have enough storage.

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I don't think that anyone has ever regretted more windows and natural light.

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Here is the final the layout we settled on after many, many variations. We are DIY'ing most of this so the layout may not be as professionally drawn as many I have seen on here. I hope you can make it out. The top right corner is where the door is and the large pantry is supposed to go.

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One of the things that I regret in my plan is that I didn't make the window that I added (a 20" wide window, that went into the space where the original construction had a much larger window which had been covered up) larger and the adjoining wall cabinets smaller. I think that I would have still had plenty of storage, much more still than I had previously.

I had been advised to forget the window and have more cabinets. I am glad that I put in the window, it does make the space more pleasant.

It really does come down to whether you really need the storage

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Where does the opening to the right lead to? If that's your family room space it would make more sense to have the peninsula there, with the fridge across the aisle. You could put your range to the left of the sink, scoot the sink down to the right under the other window, and place a window to the left of the range. Right now, all of the traffic goes through your danger zone between the sink and range, and that would fix that. Then the fridge could have a MW cabinet (either an upper or a base MW cab). with a run of counter between it and a pantry. You'd end up with a much better protected work zone and a much more social kitchen as well.

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You are not only getting more window and therefore light but you also gain 3' more counter space and more drawers in that 36" of space Do you want/need more counter space, do you want/need more drawers. That is what needs to be weighed against the pantry.

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We opted for storage over a window. But, it relatively easy to do that because we have tentative plans to put an addition off the back of that wall AND we were opening up between the DR and kitchen (the DR has two good sized windows).

It can be argued which is more correct: "no one ever regretted having more light" or "no one ever regretted more storage". It all comes down to what your needs are. But if you don't have enough storage (and actually additional "unclaimed" storage areas), then you're doing yourself no favor in having a window.

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live wire oak...what you can't tell from the pic is that the right bottom corner is completely open to the dining room and living room...from about 3" to the right of the range hood all the way around the corner to about 10" beyond the trash pull out will be a half wall with a two level counter. Opening up the kitchen was the #1 reason for this reno, with additional storage and counter space being #2. The counter top you see in the first pic is the only counter space I had in the old configuration. Talking about it today with my husband, I can't figure out a way to keep it a window while maintaining enough storage so unless someone has a groundbreaking idea, we'll probably stick with the current plan.

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Am I reading that right that you have the sink all the way across the room from the stove? Is there an island with a prep sink not shown? Have you had the talented people here look this layout over for you?

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