Please help with quotes: HVAC, Northern Virginia

ajdogra1November 9, 2011

I am hoping the resident experts can please provide their comments on the two systems

(will get one more quote tomorrow)

Replacing 13 year old York systems (2 Zones)

3400 sq feet + basement

3 ton ACs (both); 80K BTU and 46K BTU Gas furnaces (80% efficiency)

Got 2 quotes - will get one more tomorrow (Lennox, 2nd Carrier)

Quote 1: Carrier (1st zone)

gas furnace : 58CVA090-16 (80%, 90k BTU) Infinity 2 stage gas valve, variable speed

Heat Pump: 25HNA636 (3 ton, 16+ SEER)

evaporator coil: CNPVP3717ATA

Controller: SYSTXCCUID01 Infinity system controller

$8200 (eligible for $1000 Carrier discount)

Carrier LFP1418 Humidifier $600, Aprilaire #2210 media cleaner $545 (these are optional)

2nd zone

Same AC

Heating is 58CVA070-16 (80%, 70k BTU)

$8400 (eligible for $1000 Carrier discount)

Very detailed and professionally prepared estimate and potential contract (also worksheets)

Quote 2: Trane

TRAW9 16XLi systems

1st zone

gas furnace : TVDB100A9V3

Heat Pump: 4TWX6036

evaporator coil: no model number provided (says HP Coil)

Controller: T cont 900

2nd zone

gas furnace : TVDB060A9V3

Heat Pump: 4TWX6036

evaporator coil: no model number provided (says HP Coil)

Controller: T cont 900

Total $18K (eligible for $1600 total Trane discount - incl both zones)

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for now, just some observations.

What is your nat gas and electric rate?

New and correctly sized line sets included for both quotes?

I do not recognize the Trane furnace mdl number. Pls recheck.

I want to know the mdl number of the coils for the Trane quote.

Obviously, the Trane furnace size for zone 1 would seem to be grossly oversized.

Did Trane dealer offer a box media cabinet forveach system?

Post back.


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the furnace model # probably should be TUD not TVD. you need the coil model numbers so you are sure they are a match and to know what seer you will actually have.

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Thanks Tiger, Harlemhvac

electricity is 12 C / kWH (worksheet matches bill)
Natural Gas is $1.70 / thrm (Carrier worksheet - my actual bill shows is a bit lower $1.3 /thrm)

The Carrier worksheet shows breakeven temp for HP as 37F.

I did ask about the lineset - R-11 flush is what was recommended. The Carrier person also remarked about the 'more than adequate' and 'good' duct work (they will do some tests - sorry too technical for me - trying to catch up as fast as i can)

The Trane quote does include 1 Honeywell media air cleaner and 1 AA700 humidifier thrown in (included in cost). Upstairs with regular filters - was saving me from going to the attic (I guess yearly maint would be time to change filter- so I will get media filters for both zones)

The furnace mdl number is indeed TUD.. (just reread the scribble) - thanks
Tiger: I did go over some of your numerous posts and saw that you singularly do not like the Trane XL16is and also the Carrier HP would not have the 'electronic demand defrost".
I have asked the Trane dealer for the coil mdl numbers. They are a bit backed up as Virgina has a $1500 discount per system (no limit per household) going on- to be redeemed within 30 days of reserving it. Hope to get the mdl numbers tomorrow.

Will also be getting three more options from another visit by another dealer today. Will get that tomorrow hopefully.

1 Some combination of Comfort + Infinity
2 All Infinity (so 2nd all Infinity quote)
3 All Lennox system

thank you guys for all your posts on this forum (reading a lot since I discovered this yesterday) and helping me specifically

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Does virginia have a requirment for a manual J load calculation to be done? sizes of the equipment seem interesting to me.

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I dont think so since none of contractors did anything. Just based it on current system (which is very comfortable when it is working fine)

Btw there was a type in first Carrier quote - it is 25HNB6 heat pump 25HNA6s are discontinued.

Got another quote for the same Carrier system that was a bit higher.

Leaning towards the Carrier system.

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leaning towards carrier because of price?.... like the dealer better.?...... not getting any information from the trane dealer? I am just curious. Both trane and carrier make good equipment.

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Not getting help from the Trane dealer in terms of details about the system etc that I asked while the Carrier contractor is highly rated (Washington consumer checkbook) and took time to answer all followup questions.

Prices are in the same ballpark so not that big of an issue.

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well that tells you what you need to know.... The dealer is WAY more important than the equipment you have. good luck with your new system and tell the carrier dealer why he got your business. It is good for us to know sometimes as well as why we didn't.

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thank you harlemhvacguy (and tigerdunes)

The Carrier contractor got me setup in short order too - installs on the 18th and the 21st; so I will have new systems in less than a week

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