LG waveforce long wash times

julescapJuly 8, 2012

I've owned my LG waveforce for about 5 mos now. I really love so many things about it EXCEPT that some wash times seem to take double or more the time as shown on the LCD readout when washer first starts. Anyone else notice this?

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The initial cycle times are to be considered an estimate based on ideal or average (or laboratory) conditions. Variances in fill time per household water pressure, spin balancing attempts, flush routines for oversudsing, larger vs. smaller load sizes, and heating time for any cycle that uses an onboard water heater for a specific target temperature will increase the required time.

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Wow I'm surprised that there could be such a large difference even taking those variables into consideration. The times seem way off and more on certain cycles than others!

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Have you watched a load to see where the extra time is occurring? I ask because it could be balance issues causing the spin time to be reset.

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