How to get that Vaska smell in towels

itguy08July 26, 2011

I'm curious of one thing - I love the smell of Vaska - smells like a high end spa. Would love to have that smell on our towels but sadly it doesn't make it past the washer.

I know some of you have tried their fabric softener and I thought that may be the ticket but then I read where some think it smells like fish. Definitely don't want that floating on the towels.

Any recommendations on a softener or something else that smells that good?

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LOL ... only Larsi thought it smelled like fish.

I don't think it does. It has a light lavender smell. It does leave a little more scent than just the detergent.

I use it on my personal laundry (things like my pjs, sweaters, etc ...).

You really are not supposed to put FS on towels (don't get me going) but more natural FS is not as bad as conventional for affecting the fibre.

I usually just use Vaska and a little vinegar in the rinse. Helps to remove any residue and leaves towels super absorbent.

The Good Home Co. makes a laundry fragrance in lavender. I've never tried it but I'm tempted (it's an addiction). I have been let down by every lavender product I tried except Vaska - love that Vaska.

A couple high end linen shops I frequent sell this line.

Here is a link that might be useful: Good Home Store

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I use the Vaska lavender fabric softener and it lingers pleasantly, but not overpoweringly. It has a slightly pungent smell in the bottle, owing to real lavender essential oils, but that bright, light Vaska smell out of the dryer. Give the FS a try.

Try slowing your spin speed to medium, that may retain a little more sent in your towels.

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Thanks guys and gals. I may have to order up some of the Vaska Fabric Softener and reduce the spin speed to medium. I'm not 100% concerned about the towels - many are old from when I went to college in 1993. They have been incinerated in dorm and Laundromat dryers and some are quite stiff. I'm amazed at how they have held up over these years.

The wife and I may start replacing some soon but in the mean time, I'm free to experiment on these towels! :)

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I tried using a little extra with medium spin and still no real smell was left on the towels. So I guess it's fabric softener time. Does anyone know if Target sells it or must I order from the web?

If that doesn't work, I'll pony up for the Good Home stuff. Does that smell as good as Vaska?

Thanks again!

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@itguy08, if you order from you get free shipping with $25 or more. They don't ship to Canada which is a bummer. They carry Vaska.

Good Home smells a little different but is a true lavender smell.

I almost think Vaska has a unique smell all its own. My friend and I were just discussing this. It's lavender but it has a uniqueness.

I noticed has free shipping on orders over $25 everyday now. They also carry Vaska.;Ntx=mode%2Bmatchallpartial&Ntk=All&srchtree=1&Ntt=vaska&Go.x=0amp;Go.y=0

Good luck. Post back if you try it and what you think.

Here is a link that might be useful: - vaska

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Thanks for all the tips - I'll have to order up some Vaska FS and see how it works. I'll definitely post some feedback.

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