Miele 1415 dryer on fritz, 3 months left on extended warranty!

dekeJuly 2, 2012

Alas, our beloved T1415 dryer, bought in 2007, spins as it always did, but is no longer getting hot. I suppose it is some kind of heating element that needs to be replaced, but this (probably) isn't going to be too painful, because we bought a 5 year extended warranty. Expires in October. Whew!

We already used it once to replace the washer's motherboard two years ago - that was almost certainly due to an electrical storm. So, it seems like the warranty was a good deal. Since so many people helped me here, wayyyyy back in 2007, I want to give back a word of advice. If you are springing nearly $4k for a Miele washer and dryer, they are great, but not infallible. Get the extended warranty.

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Now I think I am either going crazy or there is a strange issue. The dryer had a load and after running it, the load was still damp. I ran it again and still damp. I then ran it and checked and after about 4-5 minutes, it was not hot. I left it on while writing my last post, went downstairs and it was running hot and normal and the load was dry.

Can anyone help sort this out? Does your dryer heat up quickly or does it take a while? What could possibly be causing this (if I am not imagining something). Some type of sensor maybe? Note, the dryer is clean and so is the venting to the outside.

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Do you use fabric softener?

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Hello Zoap, no we do not use fabric softener. I am intrigued. Why do you ask?

I called Miele and they said their top suspected issue, due to my inconsistent drying, is not the machine, but not getting enough voltage from the power company due to excessive demand for electricity in this heat wave. The unit (a 240 volt unit) will not heat if there is insufficient voltage. I'm not sure I am buying this, but who knows. The other potential problem is in moisture sensors.

I'm going to get a service call to check it out.

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Our Bosch Nexxt dryer (now out of warranty) has started to develop "dryer dementia" where about every 5th load it won't heat or doesn't heat enough. For a while there there was NO heating until I opened up the back and reset the thermal fuse/breaker, so somewhat inconsistent heating is an improvement over that.

If it is under warranty, definitely a service call. Don't let them leave w/o a solution.

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I have read several Miele owner's manuals, but I don't own a Miele dryer. I don't have hands-on experience with what is normal for them. Take my suggestions with a grain of salt.

That said, from what I have read it seems to me that the moisture sensors in Miele dryers probably measure the electric conductivity in damp clothing by sending an electric current on one end, and then measuring how much current reaches at the other end. (The technician or Miele-USA should be able to confirm if this is correct or not.)

As the clothing gradually loses moisture it becomes harder for electricity to go through it, and the moisture sensor concludes that the clothing has reached a particular level of dryness, and as a result the dryer reduces the heat, or cuts its out altogether.

According to several Miele manuals I have read, residue from fabric softener sheets can build up on the inside surfaces of the dryer, including the metal sensor probes, which I suppose will interfere with the ability of electricity to go through. When this happens the moisture sensor concludes that the laundry is closer to being dry that it really is, and it shuts off the heat prematurely.

When drying very small loads (i.e. a couple of loads), the laundry load may not span the distance between the moisture sensor probes often enough (or never). In this situation there is none or almost no electricity going through (even if the surface of the sensor probes is clean), and again, the machine turns off the heat before the clothing is dry. This is why Miele recommends using the timed drying options for small loads and doing manual monitoring of the dryness level. In the timed modes the dryer bypasses the moisture sensor, so that heat is always applied for the specified time (with a cool down at the end).

On a more practical side, you can try running the machine with one of the heated/warm timed drying cycles and see what it does. If you consistently get heat every time it will raise the suspicion that there are problems with the moisture sensor (or the size of the load).

A more remote possibility is that the dryer could have a back up high temperature sensor that kicks in to shut off the heating elements if too much heat builds up inside the machine (which could happen if the air exhaust path gets blocked either inside or outside the machine, or if a garment catches fire). If the dryer does have a temperature sensor it could be another thing to look at. Again observe if the machine is generating normal drying heat at various stages of the timed hot/warm drying cycle.

On the electrical utility side, some areas of the US use 208 Volts AC for power intensive appliances instead of 220V or 240V. I could see where a normal-low voltage on a 208V line could possibly go below the minimum tolerable voltage level of a 220V/220V appliance. You can get a voltmeter from the hardware store to measure the voltage at the outlet when you are having problems, or you can wait for the technician to chime in when he visits if you are not comfortable doing this.

You could also try calling your utility to see if they will tell you if they are experiencing unusually high loads from customers next time that the machine is acting up.

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Opps, I meant "(i.e. a couple of socks)" instead of "(i.e. a couple of loads)" at the start of paragraph 5.

If the dryer has a timed "cool" air (no-heat) cycle, you can try running that and see what it does. For example, will it run the entire time, or will it cut off prematurely, or inconsistently. This could give hints of problems in areas other than the heating element or the drying sensor.

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Hi All,

I own a W1215/T1405 pair and they have served my family well for over 8 years. However, over the past few months, the dryer occasionally makes a groaning noise while operating, but only in one direction. I am sure its just a drum roller. I would very much like to repair this roller my self because its $190 for Miele service to walk in my door. Additionally, I am confident that with proper documentation, I can do the job well.

That all being said, I am desperately seeking the Technical guide that covers the dryer. I actually found the W1215 manual but can't located the T1405 one. Does anyone happen to have the PDF?

Thank you.

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Hi JLLG73,

I hope you had a resolution to the problem you had with your Miele dryer. I own the W1215/T1415 pair since 2004. I called tech support once to reprogram the washer after an electrical storm. I'm hoping the Miele pair will perform for the 20 years that the Miele company claims their appliances should operate.

I do not have a "technical manual" for the W1215 washer. Could you email it to me? I would truly appreciate it.

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