can I fit a stacked W/D in a space that is 69' tall?

lakehouse_2010July 31, 2010

Full dimensions are 29.5 wide, 69 tall, and 27 3/4 deep.


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I meant 69" -- duh.

Or can someone point me to the shallowest stackable set? Prefer gas, vented dryer.


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Ff you get a compact stackable W/D, then barely it will fit.

The biggest concern is having enough room for the dryer vent. You would have to vent the dryer out the side with a Close Elbow, which I think is only 4.5 inches wide. See link below.

So 24" for the washer's width plus 4.5" is 28.5". Venting out the side will give you enough room as far a depth.

Height for a compact will be now problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Close Elbow

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Let me be a little more clear on the last sentence:

The height of the stacked compact will NOT be a problem.

My closet is a bit deeper..31.5" from the back tot the closet door when closed. That allows me to vent out the back. The front of my Bosch Axxis+ washer is about 2" from the closet door when it's closed...just enough to keep the washer door cracked when the closet door is closed.

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Thanks for the help.

I need to fit these under a staircase that isnt that big to begin with, but it does have more room behind. For some reason I was thinking I could fit it in and then run the pipes/vent directly behind. Is that how it works.

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Yes. If the closet depth is 27 3/4" at the highest point but gets deeper as you go lower? The w/d back would face the back of the stairs?

And you don't have the drain, water supplies, and dryer duct installed yet?

If so, then you can vent out the back. Because the dryer vent level is about 36 - 38" from the ground, stacked. And the stand pipe(drain) depending on the washer will have a maximum height. (My Bosch Axxis Plus has a max drain height of 39") Water valves can be any height as long as they reach with the supplied hoses and are possibly accessible while the w/d stack is installed...for emergency shut off.

Did I answer your question?

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I get the "yes" part!

But yes 27 3/4 is height that I can't get above (run into stair) but there is deep space below. At 60" off the ground, I can get 36" back and the lower I get the further I can put stuff.

I don't have any drain, water, etc. But I am renovating and plumber, electrician, etc are around anyway. Plumber said I could run the vent thru the floor (into the basement) and out the window. But that was in a different location. He thinks this place looks tight, but he admits he's not up on smaller machines.

Those Bosch units looks like they'd just fit, but I don't like those dryers that take forever. Are they the best available in this smaller height?

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Yes, that sounds good! Is there a wall 36" back and if so, what type of wall? If there's a wall, the plumber can put the washer outlet box recessed which includes drain and water valves in one. This is mine...See Link below...

Depending on which w/d compact set and where the dryer vent comes out, you can tell the plumber exactly where to put the vent duct so it lines up.

And an electrician can run the 240v for the dryer or if you have gas, run a gas line. And of course a 120v(regular) box.

Best Compact? I spent about 2 years researching(mainly on this site!!) the best compact set(stacked ) and for me, I picked the Bosch Axxis set. I also looked at Asko and Meile. I also looked at the Compact LG set but they only offer a ventless dryer. Also looked at the Whirlpool Sport Duet. You can also get a one piece stacked unit. YOu may be able to get the larger size one piece... see how high they are.

One thing you can do if you don't like the Axxis dryer: You can buy the Axxis washer and build a shelf and place any compact dryer on top. Only make the shelf like .5" - 1" above the washer or you will run into the height issue.

Here is a link that might be useful: My washer outlet box..Once there scroll to bottom

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If you go with a ventless stack set such as the APEX by Thor -, then you don't need to worry about a vent. It looks like the APEX will fit in that spot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thor Appliances

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