Does your LG FL washer do this?

rmtdougJuly 4, 2012

We recently bought an LG WM1355H. This is the smaller 24-inch model that does something that bothers me. Whenever the washer drains the drum after each cycle, the pump runs for about 5-7 seconds and then turns off for about 3 seconds and then starts again until it is done draining the drum. It does this at least five times each time it drains the drum. I think this constant starting and stopping would be very hard on the pump so I was wondering if anyone else's LG washer does this?

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I don't have an LG, but my Fisher & Paykel toploader has the same pump on/off/on/off behavior during the drain period, service literature for it says the reason is to help flush lint through the drain path.

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Thanks, dadoes. Sounds like it is a "feature." My only other experience with a front loader is Kenmore and it did not do this.

I would like to hear from someone with an LG. Anyone?

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