What is max seer of my Trane HVAC?

rmrc12November 8, 2011

All equipment is Trane.

Furnace: TUH2C100A9V5VAC

AC: 4TTR3060D1000AA


We noticed a HUGE decrease in electricity usage this past summer with the new equipment so I'm just curious what the max seer rating is for the combined equipment.


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I will assume your mdl numbers are correct.

You will probably not want to hear this answer.

Just guessing, I would say 13-13.5 SEER.

However, according to the AHRI AC Directory, the components you listed are not considered a matching system.

If this is a concern, I would call your installing dealer and ask for the certified AHRI matching number. I doubt they will be able to provide it.


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Thanks tigerdunes. Interestingly, the installing dealer did provide me with the AHRI papers which indicated eveything is a match. I'll have to look through the papers when I get home this evening.

The seer rating is not a disappointment as I expected it to be 13 but given the savings I thought it would be higher. Our highest electric bill this past summer was less than the 12-month average with our old HVAC and about 40-50% less than the previous system during the peak summer months. I'm very pleased.

Having said that, I will look into the coil which you say is not a match. Any idea which coil would be a match?


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You know the old saying if it's not broke don't fix it. I don't see the relevance for a matching equipment if it's working properly, besides if you have any warranty issues I'm sure the installing company will back it up. Some people just want to throe their knowledge around to put you in fear. it's no big deal you have a ten year warranty right?

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Furnace: Lifetime limited warranty on heat exchanger and 10 Year limited warranty on internal functional parts.

AC: 10 Year limited warranty on compressor, 10 Year limited warranty on outdoor coil, and 10 Year limited warranty on internal functional parts.

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it is not a matching system as far as ahri. but not a bad system at all. It could have been better i guess. as far as your savings that depends on the old system you had....if it was 15 to 20 years old it probably was a 6 seer at best and due to its age it was less than that so you probably over doubled your seer. The unfortunate thing, if there is any, is that 13 seer is minimum today so as time goes and systems get better you will be behind the curve.

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The old system was a 20+ year old Carrier AC mix matched with a Payne single speed furnace. It was probably 6-8 seer from what I've read.

The Trane dealer first suggested matching the XV95 with either an XR15 or XL15i. Given the limited amount of AC use where we live we chose to save some $$ and go with the XR13.

If I had it to do again we'd go with the higher seer AC. There was so much added comfort with the new HVAC we ended up running the AC far more than we ever had previously. Even so our bill never got as high as our 12 month avg with the old equipment. I'm very happy with the outcome but realize I could have had an even better system.

I'd still like to know the correct AHRI matching coil if anyone knows.

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Its not the coil. that is the right coil to go with that outdoor unit. The system as a whole is just not on the ahri directory. I didn't know you were in a cold climate....... you have no worries.

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