court case about mold in Whirlpool front loaders

chickadeeadJuly 26, 2013
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This time with a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: article on whirlpool mold

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I hear a lot of talk about mold in FL washers. My Whirlpool Duet Sport pair is about 10 years old. Am I just lucky?

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I would say it is not luck at all. You are probably doing your laundry correctly. I firmly believe that mold issues and stinky laundry are due to the operator, and not the machines.

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Really? I think it's more a factor of whether you leave the door open all the time. My laundry room is out of the way, and I normally leave my washer door open. I have had a Whirlpool Duet Sport for about 8 years, no mold yet, but I hate the washer, it doesn't get my clothes clean and the delicate cycle is NOT delicate at all.

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FWIW....had them myself for more than seven years, then moved to another family member's house where they're still working fine after eight. Excellent cleaning and zero trouble.

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In Europe, many front loaders are located in kitchens where the door can't be left open. I have had my front loaders for over 14years in closets where they can't be left open. I have never had mold. I run a boil wash at least once a week. I also use limited detergent and fabric softener. I think many people use too much product in their washers, top loaders and front loaders. Many also use cold washes. I think this combination may contribute to mold. I also wonder if there are contributing factors like mold in the home already. It seems like some of the rubber gaskets may have had a design that allowed more water to remain in the unit without weep holes.

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Yeah, I don't know why Americans got so afraid to use HOT washes.
Europeans still do boil washes if not hot.
In the olden days, we used to wash whites in boiling water and then hot when automatic washers came to be.
Then I think (with the energy crisis) we switched to warm.

Now with the new front loaders (which use so much less resources) we never moved back to hot.
The nature of the beast (front loaders) fair better with hot washes keeping gunk from building up.

I think it is mostly user error and not so much manufacture design flaws.

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no, georgect, it is more to do with ATC.

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You've got a great point there dave1812.

ATC are running on the cool side (to "save" on water heating costs) but like everything else they've gone too far.

There should be an option to turn ATC's off or include a "tap hot" like they do with "cool" and "tap cold".

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Georgect- I think that you are on to something here. I am living in sweden and do alot of laundry, have 3 washingmachines. 2 eurosize (as you call them) 24", and one full size 27". 1 euro Miele and Bosch and 1 fullsize Bosch (the model before they got discontinued).
Over here I rarely do a wash in temp lower than 86 farenheit, most of my laundry I do in 104 or 140 and some in 203. Doing thatI have never ever had a problem with my washingmachines, these ones I have now or other I had in the past. I use either liquid or powde depending on whats being washed and almost always fabricsoftner.
I hangdry now most things but not towles, sox and underwear.
Go back to doing laundry in higher temps thats what kills mold and bacteria.
And these machines cand hold alot more laundry than u think.
al the best //BR

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Do you US front loaders use ATC rather than the temperature control settings that Miele, Bosch and Asko use? I know Miele stopped stating the explicit temp on the new machines but warm is still 120F, Hot is 150F and Sanitize is 161F (roughly). My old machines went to 95c which is 208F. Cold is also 85F in these machines.

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