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aliris19January 20, 2011

Hi yall. I have below posted my plans so-far. It starts with a floorplan and then my poor attempt at elevations. While yet to do is to go over the elevations a little more to check that I have drawer heights sensibly placed for what I need/want to put where, yet I am awfully close at this point and want to post for your kind, wise feedback. (Can feedback be kind or wise? What an evolution of meaning; once upon a time "feedback" would have been precisely *not* either 'wise' or 'kind', but nowadays, well things may be different).

This is the evolved 'piano-island' plan. The one with the endless, painful back-and-forths about a passthrough and/or doorway. I decided I could maybe (and politically should try harder at least to) make the passthrough work. Maybe it's a guy-thing. A couple other guys assured me a passthrough retaining the through-put open-space/light feeling was considerably better than the door. So I decided to try again and this is what I've come up with.

I tried to keep things symmetrical as I'm sure it's preferable aesthetically. But my natural inclination is always to skew things. I've shoved the range leftward making it non-symmetrical because it was better functionally to scoot the ventilation pipe westward. It's possible that it would still work in the center of its spot if the asymmetry is really offensive: I'd love to hear comments about this specifically. I'll go measure very carefully if it seems worth it to retain that symmetry. Else, I thought it was kinda cool function-wise to tack a sideways-looking bookshelf off the end of the range-space.


View of passthrough looking westward:

View of sink/range wall looking northward (specifically soliciting comments on asymmetry here):

View looking westward across the island, incorporating its cabinetry:

View of island looking eastward with passthrough behind, incorporating island cabinetry at prep zone:

View of island looking southward across island with range behind, incorporating storage cabinetry across from range:

Hopefully I've gotten rid of random distracting comments and sketches around the edges: apologies if not.

I really appreciate any and all thoughts and suggestions!


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Aliris- I like it! :)

It's unique, but still very well planned out. I think the open shelves at the end of the uppers will make a great feature, above the range. What are you planning to put on the shelves?

The pass through is nice...and it gives your DH a bit of a bar feel, so maybe that's why it's a guy thing! LOL My husband loves that, too...a place to stand and pass across drinks, chips, etc. to his friends.

The island is very unusual, but it fits the kitchen and I think it works very well in the space. Have fun with your plan and I look forward to seeing more :)

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Thanks, Lavender.

Into the bookshelves will go mostly ... books I think! That's looking into the family room and what we mostly do is read. I have an absolute boat-load of cookbooks, again, that I actually never use but can't bear to part with. Maybe I'll even cook from a recipe book in my new kitchen? Dunno ... I'd sure love to. Maybe once I'm not spending all my breathing hours designing this d- kitchen I'll have some time to actually cook from a recipe!

There are open shelves underneath the island that I thought I could stash my always-used salad spinner that's a royal pia to get in and out of everywhere, and also a compost bucket that I don't really want on top of the island, but I just know will migrate there... If I could just pop it below-decks. So that's another open-shelf though. And I'd thought I might have an open shelf for a toaster oven, should I turn out to want one in addition to the Miele -- can't really know yet whether the Miele will make a toasteroven obsolete. However I'm not sure I actually planned in an open shelf for that afterall ... maybe I shoudl think about that.

And then I have open shelves planned way up high over the island. I can't easily access that space so maybe I could put some crockery I use not often, or tchakas? Dunno.... I made those shelves just 8" deep I think, to store trinkets. It's more of a wall and cabinet for show. The panels on the side of those cabinets which will open outward are also to be able to hang stuff on. So they'll be flat, not shaker-ed like the cabinets (iykwim).

But back to your question about the open shelves near the range ... as those look to the family room I'd been thinking of that as a 'family-room' space, not kitchen space. Maybe games, then, or just books. We have rather a lot of those ;)

I'm working on another version of this plan that places stuff inside the drawers, on paper at least! Sort of like plllog posted from her kitchen, I think.

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If the asymmetry at the stove doesn't bother you, it should be fine. If it works best that way and that's what you'll appreciate most, then go for it. I think with the other cabinet facing outward, it will be OK.

I'm much better at examining layout than elevations...but it's the best I've seen it and makes sense to me.

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Yay!!! Thanks rhome!

Also, I'd really appreciate any comments anyone might have about drawer depths....thanks!

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Maybe I keep missing it,and my eyes are tired today - but I can't find the dishwasher. someone clue me in??

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Sorry -- it's kind of at a right angle to the main sink, a little behind it, under the passthrough. Not ideal but forced there by space and counter placement, etc. Someone here posted this worked OK for them so I was sort of holding my breath....

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Left wall "under" lazy susan.

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Hah! That's funny ... my dotted lines conventions got kinda messed up... the lazy susan is in a lower cabinet in the corner with a glassed glass cabinet above. I didn't have enough different types of dotted lines!

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I don't understand the purpose of the configuration of the upper cabinets on the wall that the island is tethered to.

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Our DW is around the corner from the sink and separated by a 36" lazy susan and it works well for us.

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Thanks, blfenton. Either you mentioned this earlier or you're the second who's testified to placing the DW back there's OK-edness. I'm relieved for the info.

Palimpsest (I love that name) -- I wanted to not waste the space of the wall there, though it's true I was thinking that back before I realized how much cabinet space I really have; I think it's a lot. But my thinking was: I wanted to put a cabinet up high there, yet if the cabinets overlook the island I'll never really be able to get into them. So I was thinking they could face outwards and I could access them from the aisle. So this argues for tall ones facing outward, leaving a blank space cabinet face on the island-side that would provide wall-hanging space, something DH and I had been bemoaning the absence of, so that configuration seemed good for two reasons.

Then my original thought had been to put that high cabinet there, so that went in between the long cabinets down the side and I jogged it up to match that shape from over the range. And that shape over at the range also has a difference in depth because of the hood capture area, so I decided to change that depth too to add, dunno, interest, substance, crunch? And also to try to make the whole thing less heavy-looking. And since I can't easily access those shelves I figured they'd be for showcasing itty bitty things (of which I have far too many c/o my children and grandmother as well) -- so I made that shelving narrower, thinking it would be a sort of spatial bridge between the deeper cabinets and the flat wall; I wanted to use that wall for hanging stuff but didn't want it to be cave-ified. Does this make any sense?? I thought there'd be less of a channel-feel if I made the top cabinets just 8" deep. I don't know if this will really work, so I'm all ears about your opinions! And I suppose by that argument it's possible I should consider making those cabinets 9" and 6" overhead -- I'm concerned about heaviness there.

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I think it is kinda...too complex.

Why don't you try one where the cabinets face out the sides with shallower shelves all down the middle in an even rectangle. It really may make more sense to also "anchor" it to the counter like a hutch so it looks like it is standing there, not looming overhead. (?)

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OK, thanks palimpsest. I'll try it. That is, I'll overwrite my old plans and try it! ;)

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