Electrolux Price Mistake?

jeriJuly 1, 2010

Check out the Sears price on the Wave Touch units. PLUS Â Electrolux is currently offering a $200 rebate on the washing machine and $100 on the dryer.

Do you think this is a price mistake?

I ordered a white pair, both with steam, and they are scheduled for free deliver tomorrow. The pair I ordered was $999 each  maybe because they had steam?

I have been waiting for a good price. $799 (after rebate) was just too hard to pass up. :-)

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Yikes! That is the deal of the century! I paid $1499 each for my steam wave touch washer and dryer! From what I can gather at the Electrolux site, they have rolled out some new models (I can't seem to figure out what is new about them...anyone know?). The previous model (which Sears has on sale, probably to get rid of inventory before bringing the new ones in) is ewfls65i for the washer and the new one is ewfls70j. Anyone heard of what is new on the new machines? I'm wondering if I can get a price adjustment from Pacific Sales, or return the suckers and get them from Sears! ARGH!

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After a bit of investigation, the only difference I see is that the washer is now 5.1 cu. ft. instead of 4.8. Anyone else see something different?

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Some more cycles, bigger capacity, better EnergyStar rating, insignificantly higher spin speed and an "Expert Care Wash System".


Here is a link that might be useful: AJMadison

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OK  Just crowing a bit :-)

In CA I can get $100 for the "Appliance Rebate Program" and $35 for Energy Star Rebate. So, IÂm getting a new Electrolux Wave Touch with Perfect Steam from Sears for $664.00. Wow.

IÂm also getting the matching dryer for $899. No one has Rebates (other than Electrolux) for dryers  I guess they figure you donÂt need a dryer :-)

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OMG Â The local water company is giving us $135.00 rebate!

IÂm posting this so that all of you make sure to check for rebates in your area too. :-) Our washing machine is now costing us $529. Crazy!

All I did was Google "Energy Star Rebates" and the first site I looked at asked for my zipcode and told me of the rebates in my area.

Oh- The machines were delivered. I was worried the white might clash with the white cabinets, but IÂm happy to report that they will not. They are not a Stark white  more of a creamy white like the cabinets will be. :-)

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Congratulations, jeri. Thanks for posting! Pacific Sales, where I bought my machines, said they will honor their 60 day price match policy and I should be getting $1000 back from them. That is, if I decide to keep them. They are snagging my clothing and a few other issues, so they either need to be fixed or replaced. With a $1000 back, I can deal with less than perfect machines (minus the snagging part!). I still am tempted by the Miele set but if we do get $1000 back, that is a mighty good incentive to stay with Electrolux!

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Podge  That is Great that Pacific Sales will match the price! I did post hoping this would help others.

IÂm sorry to hear about your snagging issue  I did read about it on the other thread. Have you identified the problem? IÂll have to go check the other threadÂ

We have been sold on Electrolux for quite a while  IÂve just been waiting for a good deal. But I never expected to find one this good! :-)

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I'm so glad you posted about it, thanks so much! The machines are great and I'm sure yours will be problem free and VERY quiet! I got mine leveled to be so quiet that you really could put a house of cards on top!

I'm sure it's the washer snagging the clothes. Lars seems to think it is the plastic paddles, but I have no idea. I just know that the clothes go in and every time come out with more snags than there were before, and I put them in without any zippers or buttons or anything else to get caught on. I'll keep everyone updated on what happens with repair, replacement, or return, which ever route we end up going. Pacific Sales has no more white ones in stock (and with the new model won't be getting more in) so we might get a colored set instead, just like rosesark did. Now which one to choose, blue, red, silver...

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Jeri, I did end up finding the culprits in the snagging dilemma. Could be the plastic paddles in the washer, but it is most likely the steam spigot in the dryer! You ended up without steam, right? Probably a good thing! I went to Pacific Sales today and they gave me the $1000 back on my credit card, so it makes dealing with the snagging a little less painful. :) Thanks so much again for posting! And we will be getting the $100 CA cash for appliances, $50 from PG&E, $125 from our water district, and $300 from Electrolux. So after all is said and done, the set out the door with pedestals, and sales tax (9.75%!) will be just over $1900. What a deal! What do you think of the machines so far?

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What do you think of the machines so far?

Running the first load now. This is my first FL with a window and I just sat and watched for the longest time. Awesome!

I DO have steam in the dryer - a feature I'm really excited about. I'll keep an eye out for snagging.

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No snagging that I can see yet, but very disappointed in the whine the dryer produces. For us, itÂs right at the decibel that annoys the most. DH is not one to complain and never returns anything and he canÂt live with this either. He wants to see if he can solve the problem first though. So disappointing! IÂve been waiting a long time for these machines.

How did my subject heading get changed???

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Hmmm -- I'm confused:

1. On the Sears web site, I did see the $999.99 EWFLS65i, with $200 rebate, but I also see two identical-numbered for completely different prices, (but with different item #s)

EWFLW65 -- for $899 (Item # 026 222310 00)
EWFLW65 -- for $1,599 (Item # 026 063170 00)

The descriptions are identical.

2. And, the Sears salesperson I'd showed the printout to told me something that's just as incredible. His claim is that if we buy online there isn't a 90 day return policy, while if we buy from the brick-and-mortar store, they stand behind it and will quickly come fix/exchange whatever. (huh?? -- his store sells the 026 222310 00 item for $1,500, so if I were him I'd be running scared too).

So what's up, both with the "service/returns policy", and with the two completely different item #s and prices for the two EWFLW65?

PS. Podge8, Are those blue openings on the paddles for steam? Those were the only ones that seemed sharp. If so, that would be an argument for getting the $899 clearance non-steam version of the washer.... though I'm not sure about the turquoise, with our white dryer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux EWFLW65 Washer

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Jeri, did you purchase the W/D online or in a physical store?

The CA "Cash for Appliances" program is only for appliances bought in a retail store; on-line purchases do not qualify, even if it is from the 'same' store.

So, if our Cupertino, CA Sears won't sell the EWFLW65 for the $899 shown on the online page, I may not be able to also get the CA "Cash for Appliances" rebate. Or, how can I persuade our retail Sears to honor that price??

Here is a link that might be useful: California Cash for Appliances program.

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The heading of this entire thread has changed  it did read "Electrolux  Price Mistake?"  and perhaps there was a price mistake? It makes zero sense (to me) that the brick-and-motor store would not honor the online price  unless it was a mistake.

Also, did you read where Podge8 got Great Pacific Sales to match the price?

Infohound  Sears is a "Platinum Partner" with the Cash for Appliances program. As such, they gave us the "Certificate of Recycling Form" when they hauled away our old one. But I also read that you can take your old machine to a certified recycler yourself and the Cash 4 Appliances Web Site has the list. They donÂt care if you buy online or not.

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If the Sears brick and mortar store won't honor the online price (which seems stupid to me!), try other stores such as Pacific Sales which have price match policies. Go to other stores with a printout of the Sears online price and see if they will honor their price. I bought mine a few weeks ago and they have a 60 day price match guarantee, and I got the difference back when I showed them the Sears online price. Pacific Sales is also a CA Cash for Appliances Platinum Partner and they had free delivery and haul away of the old appliances, and they gave me all the forms needed for the rebate. I hope that helps!

infohound, I'm not sure if the blue holes are for the steam. We do have the steam washer, but don't know if the non-steam washers have the blue holes or not. But I really think the steam dryer, in particular the nozzle for the water sprayer, is what is snagging the clothing. I have since filed it down so it is smoother and haven't really noticed snagging since, so hopefully that took care of it!

$899 or $999 really is a great price for these machines. If you can take advantage of it, go for it! Even without the Cash for Appliances $100 rebate, you're still getting $500 off retail on what is usually a UMRP item, which means they NEVER budge on the price! It is even cheaper than floor models or dented models, which usually come in around $1200-1300.

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This was a few years back so I'm not sure if things have changed; but at that time Sears.com was considered a different retail channel and a competitor to the bricks-and-mortar store. Therefore I was able to get a price match, plus 5 or 10% of the difference, when I showed the Sears salesperson the price on Sears.com--because the only way they had of processing that price was to give me the price match guarantee. Not sure if that would still be the procedure? I did read on Sears website that current policy is, if they are matching a price from another Sears Holding company store or website that they will honor the price but will not give the 10% difference.

Regarding the return policy:


"Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Our goal is that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply return your purchase in its original packaging, with your original receipt/email confirmation within 90 days of your purchase... [it goes on to give specifics about the type of item and condition returned in--I believe what I quote below is the relevant section for large appliances]

"A 15% restocking fee is charged on Home Electronics returned without the original box, used, and without all of the original product packaging and accessories; Mattresses, built in Home Appliances, and special orders on Hardware, Sporting Goods, Lawn & Garden, and Automotive merchandise. Home Electronics returned in opened boxes may, but need not be, determined to have been used. Special orders cancelled after 24 hours of purchase are subject to a 15% order cancellation fee."

Given the above being published on their website, with particular attention to the beginning part where it says receipt or email confirmation, I'd wager that the policy is the same whether you buy at retail or online. It may be more difficult to get a live person to assist you if you buy online, maybe. In any case I think everything would be subject to the 15% restocking fee, not sure if your salesperson mentioned that. I learned that the hard way and have since sworn never to buy anything at Sears again (they insisted on charging me the restocking fee for an order that had not left the warehouse, I thought that was pretty crappy).

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