Stove Top Smoker methods, recipes, advice needed

BellsmomJune 21, 2012

Have you used a stove top smoker? If you have, will you share your advice, methods, and recipes? Please and Pretty Please with blueberries on top?

I just received a portable induction unit and a Max Burton stove top smoker. Tomorrow I plan to try both outside on the deck.

I was just going to wing it with two salmon steaks, my standard brine, and some apple chips, but then I thought of GW.

Sooo--Any advice and especially recipes for what works and what doesn't would be GREATLY appreciated.


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In my previous job I used the Cameron Stovetop smoker in demonstrating the product. I remember smoked fish as something I liked a lot. I think I even did smoked shrimp - really good.

Here is a link to 3 recipes on the Cameron site.

Here is a link that might be useful: recipes, Cameron stovetop smoker

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Thank you Teresa.
I checked the Max Burton website but, even though I knew the Cameron was similar (somewhat heavier, I think), I didn't look at their website.

This gives me something to go on. I'll try the salmon recipe ASAP.

Maybe someone else has used these ''smokers'' also and will drop a note.

I'd appreciate anything else you remember doing.

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