Cabinet Storage for Trays/Cookie Sheets, etc.

cindyinctJanuary 3, 2013

I'm trying to decide on a 12" base cabinet with dividers for trays/cookie sheets, or adding dividers for them in the cabinet above my refrigerator. What option do most prefer?

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Perhaps both? I have dividers above my ovens (30") and they're filled, plus a small 4" that was going to be a filler, which opens to a small space for cutting boards. I also have some vertical space at the top of my pantry, which is 12" deep, for smaller things like muffin tins and cake pans. They are all filled. But you should look at how much of this sort of item you have, after a trip to goodwill of course.

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Love mine above my oven. It's a mix of vertical and horizontal. Over the fridge is a flip-up door with horizontal storage and the cabinet above that one has horizontal too.

I keep cutting boards in a base cabinet stored vertically. Since they are so heavy I didn't want to be hoisting them above my head.

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I have a mixture too. Just got them all in last week. At first I thought there may be too much vertical storage but I've managed to fill it all : ) I don't have pics yet though.

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Both here too.

I like the overhead storage a lot, especially for the less frequently used items. But cutting boards and cookie sheets (roasting veggies) get used here almost every day and it's wonderful to have them conveniently located in the prep area.

P.S. chop chop with the pics there littlefishes, you are slacking. :)

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I love the ones over my fridge. I am 5'8" and have no trouble reaching, my 5'3" 12yo son also has no problem. The 11 yo is struggling though, so consider your height if your primary vertical storage will be over the fridge.

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Taggie - I love the configuration of your two base cabinet draws.
Everyone - thanks for your advice...I may try to include both. I'm 5'5" so reaching above the fridg shouldn't be a problem, but can see how cookie sheets more conveniently located would be nice. It's not a huge kitchen so I will have to make some compromises.

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My kitchen isn't small, but I purposely chose to locate my vertical storage above my double ovens. I love the easy access, and I use at least one item from there daily. I'm 5'8" though. I keep my huge walnut Boos board on my counter at all times so storing that beast overhead isn't an issue.

Huh. Look at how the mess of DD's stuff on the island across from the oven is reflected in the oven glass. Oops.

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We have a 36" base cabinet with dividers for cookie sheets, trays, the pizza stone, etc.
I'm very happy with the configuration.

I've also had tray storage in upper cabinets before and liked that too.
The important thing if you bake and entertain is to have plenty of vertical storage.

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We have one large drawer for baking sheets, stones, racks, etc. The plan is to retrofit another 2-3 for other vertical and horizontal storage.

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I love my vertical dividers. I have them above both the fridge and ovens for baking pans and serving trays, in a cabinet next to the stove for cutting boards and in a drawer under my ovens for 13x9's, cake pans, etc.

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Bee, Francoise or anyone else that may know ... can those tracks and dividers be purchased after the fact? I have a cab above my frig that I would like to use to store cookie sheets, etc. My cabinet guy didn't offer anything like this, and I am so unhappy with him that I don't want to give him any more business by asking him to make something for me. Is this something I can purchase and install myself?


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How about using the 12" base cabinet for heavy items that are best not stored at or above head height? Things like cutting boards and pizza stones.

Then, put lightweight items above the refrigerator. Things like cooking racks & cookie sheets.

I have the dividers above my ovens plus a shelf for long serving dishes/platters and griddle (that spans two burners on my cooktop).

My heavy items (cutting boards, pizza stones, and cast iron pans) are stored under my corner prep sink - utilizing the inaccessible deep corners of a corner cabinet.

Over the ovens storage:

Under the corner prep sink:

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I am so sorry that you are frustrated with your cabinet maker.
A carpenter should be able to make wooden vertical dividers.

Off the rack, try Lee Valley.
They offer wire dividers that would work for cookie sheets and other items that aren't too heavy:

Hafele makes vertical tray dividers in maple, for sturdier storage:

Here is a link that might be useful: Lee Valley

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Yes you can retrofit! DH made narrow dividers out of plexiglass ( I wanted something very thin). We haven't tackled the uppers yet, I'm still looking for ideas.

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I am attaching a link to an old thread on tray dividers that has some great suggestions.
I actually have the very inexpensive ones from the container store referenced in the thread. Mine are probably 13 years old and they have survived three houses and 4 sets of cabinets- so they are sturdy. They may have changed them though because mine are stainless and it looks like they are coated now.
The outwater catalog has some great stuff too, the link in the thread doesn't take you directly to it, but use the catalog search feature for "tray divider" and it will bring you to several options.

Here is a link that might be useful: after market tray storage

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Ours are also over the oven - but I have a few in a drawer - I ran out of space above the oven - I also have my Tupperware plastic cake containers up there and they take up room! I am looking for a newer collapsible version...
Above the fridge are trays and lesser used roasting pans and an electric griddle = I resurrected the griddle for making bacon as I haven't found a new pan for the induction that allows the grease to drain.

Mine aren't much different than all of the other posts - so only showing my cutting board storage. I was going to switch this to drawer storage after I saw Taggie's a few months ago and showed to KD - she said we could switch but wanted us to wait and the little cabinet works great for us. Yes, I have 12 cutting boards in there (and have a giant one over the fridge - but it is plastic, so not too heavy) and a couple freebie bamboo ones in our china cabinet drawers (they come with cheese items) - I couldn't have 13 of them...
Now to put into perspective - the pretty laminated wood one was a wedding present and I like to keep it nice. I have a wood carving board which is only used to carve meats. I have 2 bread boards with a tray to catch crumbs (they are in plastic bags currently but looking for a cloth bag to use), raw meats, veggie, and general cutting boards - Oh and cambria sent us one to match our counters...

The shelf is not bowing - it is the camera perspective... LOL

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12" base cab isn't much, but better than nothing. If you can get more space; above the fridge might be the better option. Vertical dividers are the best. I had never thought of it until I started reading this forum and looked at all the pics people posted.

We put in vertical dividers above the wall oven, and a drawer with vertical dividers under the wall oven, pretty much like the other photos here, so I won't post mine (just more of the same). In the drawer, the vertical dividers are removable in case there is something really wide/deep that needs to go there.

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I love these (wooden, for Omega cabinets). Does anyone know of an online source?

Here is a link that might be useful: Baer supply wooden vertical dividers

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I was able to register at Baer. $145 per set of 4. Not inexpensive but I really like the look of wood. Hmmm.....

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I'm on a roll! 95 per set!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hardware hut

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Dear oldbat2be-- great sleuthing!
Many will appreciate your vertical tray divider find at Hardware hut.

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IKEA has wire dividers (similar to Lee's,) which is what we used. They were very inexpensive and work just fine above our double ovens for vertical tray storage. (I keep bulky cutting boards under my prep sink because of the weight and to keep them in the prepping area.)

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