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lpinkmountainJune 27, 2012

I heard sadly this AM on the radio of the passing of Nora Ephron. I was a fan of her writing dating from back when I was in high school, and that was pre Heartburn and pre Harry Met Sally! Anyhow, they were playing excerpts of a 2006 interview she did for WHYY in Philly that really struck a chord with me so I copied it for your reading pleasure! (It's food related!) So tonight we had a dinner in honor of Nora--chicken pasta puttanesca, with the really good bread on the side, the 5 dollar Wegmans sourdough multi grain, and BF's favorite Zinfandel. Al fresco, surrounded by my garden which has finally come together!

DAVIES: "Do you have a sense of yourself over the next 20 years? I mean, you've certainly got an active career now."

EPHRON: You absolutely don't know. The next 20 years, we're talking about 85. This is just a crapshoot. This is a lottery. Who knows? So I feel - I don't think about the next 20 years. I think about today. So today, I have already been to a bakery. This is the thing that I'm obsessed with, is carbohydrates.

I feel that I'm now living in an age where there's the best bread we have ever had in the history of the world. There has never been more bread that is good out there. So it seems to me a shame not to eat some of it, even if - and this is one of the terrible dilemmas of old age. You know, do you save all your money as if you're going to live till you're 90, or do you spend it all because you might die tomorrow?

Do you diet like a fanatic in the hopes that it's going to buy you a couple of extra years, or is it going to have nothing to do - are you going to be hit by a bus, and your last thought will be: I should have had that donut?


EPHRON: And it's very confusing to know what to do, but I'm coming down on the donut side.


EPHRON: So I feel that, you know, that's one of the things - I'm not so into 20 years. I'm kind of into: Is this meal I'm having something I really want to have? And if someone says to me let's go somewhere and it's not good, I say let's not. Let's not, because I have a finite number of meals ahead of me, and they are all going to be good.

DAVIES: You're going to make them count.

EPHRON: They're just going to be good. That's the truth.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nora Ephron 2006 interview on WHYY

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Amen to the good breads! I definitely feel lucky to have choices beyond Wonder bread.

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That was lovely. Thank you.

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I'll have what she's having.


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We should all wear turtleneck sweaters in honor of Nora. Too bad it's going up into the 90's today, because I feel bad about my neck.

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When I heard she passed away, tears actually came to my eyes. When I saw all that she had done that I had seen, even when I didn't pay attention to the details of who wrote or made the movie, I realized I had seen and loved almost all that she did. She will be greatly missed. And yes, I thought about my neck all day yesterday, for some reason.


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She was one of my "favorite people that I don't actually know" and I was really sad to hear of her passing.

"You've Got Mail" is the movie version of comfort food to me. DH & my kids would bet that I have the dialogue memorized by now.

It came as no surprise to me that Nora was a food person. I bet she would have enjoyed this forum.

Thanks, lpinkmountain, for this post.

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From Food52, where Ephron was a contributor, albeit a secret one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Food52 Nora Ephron

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I really feel bad about my neck (multiple surgeries) and I'm so sad that Nora passed away. Hopefully, she is looking down on my neck and giving me blessings about the next meal we will enjoy. I think she would agree! That's the truth!

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