Granite Countertops Shifting at Seams

novice_from__ctJanuary 22, 2011

I have granite countertops in the kitchen. The granite was installed 5 years ago. Every year, the countertops start shifting in one place at the seam. I used to call the installer and he would send someone by to "bump" the countertop back in place and fill in the seam. The installer went out of business last year and I do not know who to call or what to do. Any suggestions?

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Wow. I'd be concerned about finding out WHY it's shifting. Is this countertop in a location where it gets bumped a lot, like an island or peninsula? In that case, if it's shifting because of physical bumps, it seems like it wasn't installed with silicone to "glue" it to the cabinetry below.
But a more worrisome thought (especially if it's not getting physically bumped a lot) is that something ELSE is shifting, which in turn moves the stone. It could be the whole house, or it could be that the cabinets weren't properly installed, and they're shifting.
I'm not sure what to suggest. If it were me I'd try to figure out the "why".
I'm sorry this is happening!

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When we did our kitchen, we did a small addition to enlarge it. We have one segment of granite in that new area that has had its two seams widen up a bit- probably that new part settling a little.

The granite was installed almost 4 years ago, and we had the company back to retouch those seams when they first started to open up a bit 2 years ago...they didn't do a great job at fixing it then; just layed more seam filler on top instead of digging out old and refilling. Now it's worse. Although the company that did our granite did a FABULOUS job at fabricating (I you dare to find the seam of my mitered edges!) the yahoos they sent to install it left quite a bit to be desired (took a couple revisits for me to be ok with the installation in the first place).

We're currently in the midst of a huge bedroom addition involving 2 new bathrooms and one remodelled one, and we will most likely have the granite guys that do our vanity tops re-seam our problem area.

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It's most likely your house and or cabinets are shifting - causing the stone to then move. This is most notable during heating season.

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