Laundry & Mudroom Elevations...please help and review layout

JeannieMerJuly 14, 2011


LAUNDRY area is 9 feet long, and I don't see any other creative options. Am I missing something?

Any comments on the two MUDROOM wall elevations? Wall A is 9 feet long, Wall B is 2.5 feet.

Is this a good use of space? We have two adults, two children in the family, and need to store mainly shoes, hockey and lacrosse equipment, tennis gear, and coats/mittens/swim stuff. We have added outlets for charging phones. What do you think?

Here is a link that might be useful: My Whole House Plans Blog

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I have a laundry room layout similar to yours, but my hanging space and cabinets are reversed. I wasn't sure the hanging space over the sink would be a good idea as if something slipped off a hanger and the sink was soaking something, I'd end up with my clean item all wet in a sink of soap and/or stain remover. Can you tell me why you decided to have your hanging space over the sink? Curious, in case I missed something! LOL

This is a pic from our cabinet guy of how the laundry room will be:

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Oh, and my laundry room has a 9' ceiling so I didn't take my cabinets to the ceiling like you did as they would interfere with my light on the ceiling.

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