Reasonable price for furnace job?

StigwortNovember 2, 2012


I am hoping someone can fill me in on whether the following is a reasonable quote:

850 sq ft unit, down-flow furnace, 80%, 60K BTUs, Payne, 96.5%, 1 stage


- Payne 80% Eff. 60,000 BTU Furnace

- Payne 2 ton cased coil w/ R22 TXV Valve

Warranty: 20-Year limited warranty on heat exchanger 10-year

limited parts warranty

The following Price Includes:

- Demo/Removal of an existing equipment

- New Equipment Mounting Corners

- New Condensate Line

- Supply and Return Plenum Modifications

- High/Low Voltage Wiring

- Gas Piping

- Equipment Start Up and Safety Inspection

Any advice appreciated!

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Furnace oversized and going with R22 AC condenser is a mistake.

Payne is just about at the bottom.

This is a condo or TH unit?


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Thanks for the advice. It is a condo, with 4 units per building, 2 up, 2 down. Why is the R22 AC condenser a mistake? Also, with Payne being a low end unit what practical difference would that make- more maintenance?

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Production of R22 refrigerant is ending. The supplies are decreasing and prices have already gone up significantly. It makes not sense to get an R22 condenser at this time.

The Payne units are low end builder grade equipment. They have a short life expectancy. It is not a could choice if you plan to live in the condo for several years.

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That is good to know. OK, so I think I will go with one of the following "Lennox" models/quotes, noting that I won't be choosing an R22 coil!

Any recommendations on Merit vs Aire-flow vs Concord?

1. 80%, 70K, $3,250, Lennox, MERIT ML180UH070P36A, Coil: CX-34-31 R22

2. 80% ?K, $3,700, Lennox, AIRE-FLO 80AF1D070P12A, Coil: AC24AE1A COUNTERFLOW EVAPORATOR COIL

3. 80%, 70K, $3,100, Lennox, Concord, Coil: R410 ready

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after May of 2013 80% gas furnaces won't be
sold north of the mason dixon line.
they just aren't very efficient when heating
season is long.

where are you located?

best of luck.

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it is for a condo/towne house where pvc venting would be a problem. location: Mass.

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