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wrungoutJuly 8, 2014

hi there, I recently took delivery of a brand new, in crate Miele w4842. DH set it up(about 10 days later) He took out the shipping bolts, leveled it with level, I ran a sanitary cycle as instructed. I noticed on start up, a grinding sound..then, part way thru the sanitary cycle, the soap drawer popped open, not super far, but enough to make me go "oh no". Remembering that Google is my friend, I did a quick search. I called Miele the next morning to explain what was happening. They said they would ship me a new clip(still waiting for it) and a short time later, another rep from Miele called to tell me to remove the spring on the back of the detergent drawer. I did this, and it helped a lot. I no longer have to wait downstairs for fear of water flooding my basement. 2 days ago, I noticed the boot, on the left side-by the light was warping a bit. The grinding also still occurs during cycle changes(DH says it is transmission, but I have spent a fair bit of time on youtube, and do not hear this particular noise at all! Most of the cycle changes are quiet) I called Miele again yesterday, and am waiting to hear back from a repair man.

Bear with me as I ask these questions, I really have no idea what to expect sound wise from this machine-I knew it would be loud, but the grinding concerns me somewhat, the same with the warped boot. Is this sound "normal" and should my boot be warping? any and all response would be greatly appreciated. I want Miele to be aware of all of my concerns, and am looking forward to talking to the repair man. I have never seen a Miele running IRL, so I feel quite anxious that I could have a potentially defective washer. I was super excited to discover that I could still order this machine, as I like the size of it.

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I have a W4840, the model before yours. The drain pump makes a grinding sound, and it runs at cycle start and various other times. Nothing to worry about. Another noise, not as loud, is when the water inlet diverting valves move, to change where the water comes out.

Your picture of the boot doesn't look bad. My boot has never been perfectly straight. That said, I did have the boot replaced under warranty because of a minor leak (the replacement was a new design), and it was subsequently adjusted under warranty because it was twisted enough to leak. If your boot isn't leaking then I wouldn't do anything about it. I do get a very occasional minor leak, when a load is very out-of-balance, and the start of a spin gives the machine a big jolt. It does detect out-of-balance and will subsequently reduce the spin speed to keep the machine from banging around.

I wouldn't trade this washer for anything on the market these days. I can get a true cold (85degF!), warm or hot wash, unlike current offerings.

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thank you for your response! I am not super concerned about the boot at this point, it isn't bad. That being said, I am being cautious as I don't know what is "normal" from Miele. I love the washer, even though I ran into a problem immediately with the drawer, it was easily fixable. This forum was the place where I found part of the fix(still waiting on a new clip)I took some video of the grinding noises, at the startup and of the final spins. DH thinks it could be the transmission, I never thought about it being the drain pump. I will attempt to load them, and maybe you can listen to see if your machine sounds like mine. I would be VERY hard pressed to get rid of this machine, I love the way it cleans clothes.

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There's no transmission in that washer. Yes, upload the vids to YouTube or such and we'll see.

And what do you mean by "cycle change"? When the machine drains? Because, as suburbanmd said, there will be a grinding sound when the diverter changes from prewash to main wash to softener compartment.


Here is a link that might be useful: Video of broken diverter

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Geeze! *smacks head* I did not know there was no transmission! here I thought I had done ALL my research! DH just put the videos on youtube for me. He named it MoisyMiele-he's a smarta$$ like that! I was happy to really capture the noise-as you will be able to tell!

Thank you for your responses. I appreciate the knowledge.

Here is a link that might be useful: MoisyMiele

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Typical Miele sound. :-)

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for real? jeeze, I was scared out of my mind! thought something was going to break off! thank goodness! I am enjoying the washer a lot. It does a great job cleaning. thanks for taking the time to listen, and advise.

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For real. :)

Skip to 0:30 - this is Miele's newest line that was released here several months ago. You can hear the same sound as the drain pump kicks in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Drain Noise

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mystery solved! I have never had a washer sound like that before, so was completely un-aware of what to expect, and sure didn't expect a noise like THAT! I was ready to take cover every time it drained!

Now I am on a quest to find a matching dryer, but I think my luck may have run out on finding a brand new one.

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Our W4842's boot has had that same 'wrinkle' ever since I ran the first load. And the pump is noisy. I never thought to question it.

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hi Cavimum, I knew that it would not be a super quiet machine, which is fine, it is downstairs. Even when I am down there folding, I don't find it ultra noisy, however, was thrown off by the pump(wasn't sure what the HECK it was) until I heard back from the other posters here. Do you have the matching dryer?

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@wrungout - Yes, I went all matchy-matchy and have the electric dryer, too. I did not need a new dryer but the old one was 16 y/o and I figured "what the heck". I'm really glad I got it, because the temps are a lot lower and it is much more quiet than my old one. I couldn't believe the difference. Same with the washer.

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Cavimum, how old is your set?

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