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seegayeJuly 8, 2010

Okay, it has been correctly pointed out that if I do not want a white washer and dryer, I am gonna have to buy something fancier than I need. Who knows? Maybe I will come to love a high tech set. Now - after pouring over the posts here, I am to the TL verses FL issue. I notice that FLs have maintainance issues that I am concerned that I may not keep up with adequately. Also, in my desire to save money, I have been looking at used. Found a few that seem okay deals but now am concerned that if I buy used I may be buying a moldy mess if it has not been maintained well. So that gets me to thinking TL might be better? Less maintainance stuff? Then I read about TLs and cannot find one thing bad that is being said about the Bravos. Perhaps this is the dream machine?

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be aware the Bravo is NOT a regular "old style" top loader. Different cycles have very different agitation patterns/speeds , water levels and motions, unlike a regular TL. You have to learn "how" the machine works / its "mindset" in the various cycles to take the most advantage from it, as you had to do with a front loader.

And, again as frontloaders, these HE TL work better/have no mold issues only if they have an internal heating element. To have a clue watch here

Maraaaaaaaa ??? Where are you ??? *LOL*

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Here I am, hidroman! :)

You said: And, again as frontloaders, these HE TL work better/have no mold issues only if they have an internal heating element.

Having had a Bravos washer without an internal heating element for two years, I can tell you that your statement does not reflect my experience -- and I only did the "clean washer" cycle with Affresh one time.

A number of friends and relatives who own(ed) frontloaders were envious of my experience. Several of them have bought Bravos washers because of this, and they are all very happy with theirs.

I always did these things:

1) I left the lid open whenever I wasn't doing laundry, and

2) I washed at least one load (white clothes such as T-shirts and socks, or white towels) each week in hot water, with some bleach, and

3) I used baking soda in the wash and white vinegar in the rinse when washing those loads, which may or many not have made a difference.

The only reason I bought a Bravos washer with an internal water heater is because our old water heater died, and the new one -- an energy saver -- did not provide hot water to the washer, only warm and cold.

I absolutely loved my first Bravos washer and would still have it today if it weren't for that.

I love my new one, too. :)

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