My Special Pizza

dcarch7June 24, 2013

May not be special to you, but special to me.

Sauce made from my first tomato harvest, and basil from my garden, that's why this pizza is special to me. :-)


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I would call that special. Very special.

It will be probably a month or more before I get my first tomato.

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Sounds special to me, too! I've been meaning to drive by the farm stand and ask when I can expect my first tomatoes. ;)

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The first tomatoes of the season are always a special treat. Did you work some of your magic to get them so early? Is that salmon peeking through?

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Yum indeed!

dcarch, the perforated plate/tray the pizza is on - where did you get it? Cleverest tray I've ever seen for keeping crust crusty.

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Jealous of the early harvest. I'll have to settle for a stop by AdamsMarket in Kingston NY for my 'harvest' for the july 4th holiday week. My tomatoes are just barely knee-high.
(but i finally have garlic scapes and baby leeks!)

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Thanks everyone. I would have made a bigger pie, but that was all the tomatoes I got at this point.

WinterCat, a perforated pan makes the crust not soggy. I got mine on eBay at a very good price because it is a very large pan, bigger than a home oven. No one was bidding on it. I just bend the edges a Little to fit in my oven. I can now make commercial size 18" pizzas.

Ruthanna, you have good eyes, indeed, that is home smoked salmon. And yes, I have a system to get very early tomatoes, sometimes as early as Mother's Day in my NY zone 6. Check out my video, a removable green house.


Here is a link that might be useful: My greenhouse

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Wonderful looking pizza. Nothing like harvesting your own tomatoes and herbs.
I love having herbs right outside my door in the summertime!

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Great looking pizza, Thomas Edison dcarch and a terrific greenhouse. What a lush garden! Congrats.

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Love the greenhouse wish there was a close up of how it was put together. Maybe next year when you set it up again ...purdy please :D I am a month away from getting a tomato providing I even get any this year. I have 2 plants that are contenders 1 even looks like it is getting flowers. LOL Hence the need for a greenhouse.

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That looks perfect!


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thanks for posting the video. I knew you'd have a unique way of raising tomatoes. How early do you start them?

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Cool greenhouse. Thanks for sharing the video.

You actually beat me to ripe tomatoes, not counting the few little Sun Sugars I got early on. My Cherokee Purples might be ready by this weekend. I don't think I'll turn them to sauce, though.

Your pizza looks yummy.


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I enjoyed the little visit to your home via YouTube. You certainly are an ambitious and skillful guy to undertake all the projects you do.

Beautiful pizza, and very special it is. My tomatoes are looking better then usual. With luck I will have ripe ones before the end of July!


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OMG, I can smell the freshest from here. You are genius! Just beautiful.

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I'd be happier though, if you would kindly cut a bigger slice for me.


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Thanks you everyone so much for your compliments.

This is my system for growing tomatoes:

I start seeds around 2/1 with my home-made 600 watt metal halite lamps.

Around 3/15, I install my removable greenhouse to warm up the soil. The greenhouse uses Twinwall insulated panels and can be erected in about 15 minutes. I actually use packing tape to assemble the structure, and it has been in use for the last 6, 7 years.

Around 4/15, the seedlings get planted in the greenhouse. I never need to "harden " the seedlings. By this time the seedlings are startling to blossom.

Because the seedlings are inside the greenhouse and no insects are around so early in the year, I use an electric vibrator to help pollinate the blossoms to set fruit.

Around 5/15 the greenhouse gets taken down. That takes about 15 minutes as shown in the video.

I get about two more months to harvest in my zone 6 using this system and method.


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