Miele Sanitary Cycle

sshrivastavaJuly 3, 2011

I posted this in the Cycles thread, but I thought it important enough to warrant it's own. I noticed today that Sanitary functions differently than other cycles when it comes to filling. On all other cycles, the machine fills twice through the detergent drawer and then engages the spray nozzle on subsequent fills. Sanitary, on the other hand, fills exclusively through the detergent drawer. Rinsing behavior is similarly strange. I have enabled Maximum Water Level and get up-to-the-door rinse levels on all other cycles except Sanitary. The rinse levels in Sanitary are low and water level is too low to be seen. I have confirmed the behavior to be the same with Allergy on and off. I have Rinse Process turned off, Automatic Load Control turned on, Extra Rinse/Water+, and Max Water Level is on.

Does everyone else's W484X function the same way on Sanitary or is it just me? While the clothes come out completely spotless, the lack of spray nozzle activity ensures that any pet hair stuck on the porthole stays there. The shallow rinses also don't comply with the machine's behavior in all other cycles where I get significantly higher rinse levels. I would think you'd want to use the spray nozzle and higher rinse levels in Sanitary so you could be... drum roll please... MORE SANITARY!


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I will have to try Sanitary and confirm this as well.

I too have my W4842 set to Rinse Process Off, Auto Load Control On and Extra/Rinse/Water+ and Max water level On!

Custom cycles also bypass our settings of high rinse levels, even with Extra Rinse/Water+ set to On. Perhaps Sanitary also does not allow high water levels.

My quirk I have, is that when I use Express Cycle (30 min cycle) and set the spin speed to Max....It will NOT spin on Max. I get maybe a Medium spin speed...and things feel very wet (albeit clean). Maybe when I use Express, the load is too small, and the machine does not want to use Max Spin?? When I use Custom, Extra White, Normal, Beach Towels, etc, etc...I get that super fast Max (violent) spin speed!


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@ larsi

It's truly bizarre behavior when all other cycles pretty much behave the same way when it comes to filling and rinsing. I don't see any "sanitary" advantages to doing it this way, although the Miele manual specifically mentions only two cycles which adapt water usage to load size - Normal and Sanitary. But then recommends use of Express with small loads. So... what's going on here?

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@ SStava...

If you get a chance, please run an Express Cycle with Max Spin and see if your W4842 spins at Max speed.

I am now washing a medium sized load with 3 lap/throw blankets my 4 year old like to cuddle with on the couch.

If this cycle does not Max spin speed (as I have set the machine too)...then I for sure have an Exprss Cycle issue. The last 3-5 loads I have washed on Express (I do not use this cycle weekly though)...the machine has NOT done the Max Spin Cycle, even though set at Max Spin.

I'll either have to grudgingly call for Service, or just stop using Express. Everything else on the machine is working flawlessly though!!

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@ larsi

I will run this cycle next time I get a chance and report my findings. However, you shouldn't be using Express to wash a "medium" sized load. We all have different definitions of what constitutes a medium load. Miele defines a "full" load to be a drum 3/4 full of dry clothing (8 kg). Based on that, my definition of a "medium" load is a drum 1/4-1/2 filled with dry laundry. I would not use Express for this volume of fabrics. Express was designed for small loads, so drum 1/4 full or less of dry clothes.

I think Express was basically designed to wash a pair of pants, a blouse, and some undergarments for someone on the go or when you need to wash a handful of items in a pinch and don't have time to wait for a regular cycle. For what you're washing, I would use Normal.

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Yes, I agree 100% with you about the usage of Express.

The last 3-5 loads I tried on Express with the Max Spin Cycle selected were VERY small loads. A few pairs of kid shorts, a t shirt or 2, a pair of underwear and maybe a few kid socks. Also tried one beach towel and also some small kitchen towels. Max Spin would not activate. I do get a High spin speed, but never that spin speed that sounds and feels like a jet engine taking off!

Todays load of 3 throw blankets....NO Max Spin speed, but a High speed for sure activated. I thought I would try a heavier load usng Express, since the past 3-5 loads of light items did not Max Spin. Seems heavy or light...my Express Cycle does not Max Spin!! I am so on the fence about even calling Miele, since everything else in the machine works SO well, and I rarely use Express. Just my OCD and my personality (like with the car)...every feature must work to factory specs, or I obsesses over it! LOL

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@ larsi

If your load balances well, even a max spin will result in very little overall vibration. Perhaps it is spinning at max speed but it just feels less because of fewer items in the load and, therefore, less vibration?

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The "Hygiene" cycle on my mum's EU Miele doesn't do the high water levels either - it will flush the door though on the rinses, but won't fill to max. level if you have it programmed, only to the rim of the drum which is where it fills as standard.

Odd, as the manual describes the programme as having higher wash and rinse levels, as does the cycle description pages (The EU manuals list water levels for the wash and rinse potions of each cycle) - however the Cottons cycles using supposedly lower water levels fill either the same or higher!


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