jeri have question about dryer whine on your post

rosesarkJuly 13, 2010

On your post about your dryer sound, i have asked about how you fixed it as mine does it also. Would you mind reading it and giving me your advise? Thanks, rosesark

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IÂm sorry Rosesark  DH didnÂt get home until late last evening. The rest of this weekend should be good. Also, IÂm sure my DH wouldnÂt mind talking directly with yours on the phone about this if you would like that. I think I just added my e-mail to my profile if you want to go offline to swap phone numbers. If you prefer just doing this here - no problem - IÂll definitely post more this evening. Sorry again for the delay  but IÂm betting you too can have this resolved. :-)

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Rosearks - are you out there? Here is the info - let me know how this works for you. :-)

DH believes the problem is with the duct connection  not the bends in the duct. The duct extending out the back of the dryer is very short and tapered making it difficult to get a good seal. This was causing the whine.

Below is a picture of the duct DH purchased at Home Depot  do you see the solid end? That is the key. You can slide that very far  past the sheet metal on the back of the machine - making for a very firm connection. This is a Deflecto 4 x 2 SemiRigid Duct  the link is to Amazon, but DH did find it at Home Depot.

Caution  if you accidentally dent the semi-rigid duct you canÂt fix it.

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jeri, thanks so much for answering. My DH will take off the rigid pipe we put on and put this kind on. In the beginning when i tried the Samsung, we had this kind of duct. I read somewhere that the rigid pipe reduces any noise better than semi-rigid, so we put rigid on. When we got the Electrolux, we just put the rigid on, but had it vent from the side. I hope that switching helps. The whine can get on your nerves sometimes. Mine seems to be louder at times, but then other times not quite as loud. I also don't like that the dryer is a little wobbly on top of the washer, it's not real bad, but it does vibrate when running. It could be the delivery guys didn't screw the brackets in as well. We are going to check all of that tomorrow when replacing the vent. Thanks again. rosesark

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Hi Rosesark  It sounds like you used a periscope type duct  which I think would work just fine as long as the part that connects to the back of the dryer was long enough  IÂve seen pictures of periscopes that had both. If Home Depot carried a periscope like this, DH would have used it.

My whine was beyond horrible  the entire family complained when the machine was on. It is now completely quiet  no whine at all. Yea! DH did say if he goes outside where the vent exits the house he can still hear a whine  but thatÂs just fine with me!

Re the wobble: Are your machines stacked? I donÂt have any experience with this. You might want to start a new thread to look for advice on that. From reading, it sounds like you have to have the machines completely level to remove all vibration and wobble  but that may be harder to do on stacked machines  donÂt really know.

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Are you sure you should be using flexible ducting? My Miele dryer manual says not to use that under any circumstances. The installers used rigid ducting from the dryer and I have no noise issues. This is Miele's recommendation due to the high volume of airflow. Apparently the flexible ducting causes more noise.

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We did not use a periscope duct. We had the metal one like the picture above. The installation book with the Electrolux said that either could be used. When we took the duct off the back of the dryer the sound was coming from that. We did not get to mess with it today due to company all weekend, but will fiddle with it this week. The first dryer i had did have such a loud whine that we had to turn the tv up to drown it out. This one is almost to that point. We don't know why there is a slight wobble with the dryer stacked on top. We are going to check the kit on it at least the bar that is screwed to the underside of the dryer. There is a strip of double sided tape also under the bar, so it is extreemely difficult to remove and it can't be reused, but we shoudn't have to go that far, just check brackets on back and front. We also have to disasemble the dryer door as Lowes reversed it for us, but the guy left his finger prints on the bottom inside ledge and it bugs the you know what out of me. I asked them not to reverse the door since they did the same thing on the one i returned except they scratched the inside plexiglass, and i knew DH could do a better job, but they did it anyway. I had already had to speak to Lowes corporate before this about the delivery guys and had several calls from them to fix the situation. It seems that they are unable to deliver an appliance without scratches and dents in them. This set had to be shipped directly from Electrolux in their truck directly to this store and luckily it was not dented (finally). Don't think i will buy another appliance there. i am getting off the subject, so i will let you know if we are sucessful with the dryer. Thanks everyone.

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