Anyone have a stacked W/D?

numbersjunkieJuly 23, 2012

I'm working on a new design for our lake/retirement home. Right now the washer dryer are in a closet with bifold doors that opens to the hall. I want to enlarge the kitchen and may want to utilize that space. I'm thinking of doing a stacked front loading washer dryer. Anyone have this setup? What do you think?

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I have a stacked Asko set and love it. My husband hates it as he has to bend so far to get the clothes out of the washer. That is the only drawback that comes to mind. No vibration issues. What are your concerns?

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My set is stacked in a closet in the kitchen. A tight squeeze but it works well. There was a bifold door originally but the new machines were bigger and would not fit behind it.

I grew up with a top loader that you had to almost climb into to get the clothes out, so a little bending to get them out of the FL is no biggie. The dryer is at a great height - right in my face.

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I have had that set up for a few years now and love it. It frees up a lot of space. Just make sure that you and any other person doing laundry in your house can reach the dryer controls comfortably. I am 5'6" and have no problems with it but I can imagine that a petite woman or a younger child may have difficulty reading the displays and controls on the dryer.

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Since moving almost 20 years ago, I've always had a closet stacked washer dryer. First one conveyed with house was a TL GE (ran 6 years+), then the Maytag Neptune FL (12 years) and now a Speed Queen FL.

Having just purchased the SQ, I'd suggest that you download the installation and warranty specs on what ever manufacturer you think you might buy and take it to the store. Stackable washers have greater depth than ten plus years ago and you need to take their window size convexity into consideration to ensure proper fit in your space.

I've had minimal problems with stacking washer/dryer systems on a solid hard floor, but change out hoses every five years, check venting regularly etc, and am home when my machines run.

Good luck. They are space savers.

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Thanks everyone! I don't have specific concerns but just wanted to know if there were issues I could not anticipate. I think the space it frees up can be better utilized in another way and it seems like a better option than putting the w/d in the basement.

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You just need to be aware of how high the controls are going to be if you are vertically challenged. I'm 5'11" and the dryer door is at my nose. The dryer controls are above my head. (LG)

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I am considerating a stacked combo as well. Is there a particular brand that is recommended for stability and vibration?

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I also have an Asko stacked in a closet. I'm short and have no problem bending down to load the washer, though a taller person would find it difficult. I can reach the controls on the dryer easily. There's no vibration due to the suspension system.

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I have the Frigidare Affinitys stacked in a closet; still ok with my now 5'5".

The 2-1/2 yr old Affinity pair are 37" & can see & use the control panel "easily"; the arm reach is about 40-45 degrees to the controls; the top of my head is about the top of the dryer glass door or the lower-middle of the upper door rim.

However, I read that the newer & larger Frigidare is around 40+ inches in height; may be too tall for stacking if a shorty like me; there are still 37" Affinity pairs made tho.

So, I think checking the heights of both washer & dryer is a must for those 4+ cf size washer/dryers; I think my limit is probably the "old" 3.7 cf at the 37" tall sizes.

Of course, one can go to the 24" washer/dryers with the accompanying smaller capacity.

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Mine are stacked (6yrs) and never any problem with movement. I did find that there are different options with a few manufacturer that offer controls on bottom or top. Bought a dryer with controls on the bottom because I knew the would be stacked. Too short to reach above easily.

Think it is funny about having to lean down andd pull clothes out of the bottom washer. One would have to do this if they were side by side, or is it the front loader issue he has? Even if it was a top load, he would have to lean down to put clothes in the dryer.

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I have the Asko stacked small-sized combo (can't remember the numbers) in my 2nd floor condo. No leakage or undue vibration, and the clothes wash and dry beautifully. Highly recommended!

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