I Think I Figured how Steam works in the washer

itguy08July 16, 2011

I had a chance to try the steam refresh function on our Kenmore washer today and I think I figured it out.

Had a few dress shirts that were washed a while ago but somehow ended up in a pile. Needless to say they were very wrinkled so I figured I'd try the Steam Refresh cycle and see how it does. Put them in and dialed it up. Stood by it for 20 minutes with a flashlight (yes I'm that much of a geek). After about 5 minutes the window started fogging up as the steam was coming from the nozzle that usually shoots the water on the clothes. It went on like this for a while and at the end I pulled the shirts out. Not perfect but about what I get when I use the clothes steamer. I was impressed.

So I think there may be something to this steam thing in the washer. It certainly comes out of the hole that sprays water on the clothes. It is definitely steam or at least very hot water that it deposits on or near the clothes. Now how long it lasts or how hot it is, I don't know but I think I get the theory of how it works.

Again I'm not sure I'd pay $3-400 more for it but at $100 or so I think it's a good thing, if nothing else than for this steam refresh feature.

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I thought that feature was found on dryers, not on washers??

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Some new machines have it in the washers now too.

I'm helping a friend with research and both Samsung and LG have it in the washer on some models. Both say it can help produce superior cleaning results.

"Samsung's deep steam washers save time, energy and money. Deep steam cleaning boosts washer performance by loosening dirt without pretreating."

"SteamWash System: This revolutionary washing system uses LG's TrueSteam generator to boost cleaning performance and energy efficiency."

I believe some LG's use the steam function for their Allergiene cycle as well. Less hard on fabrics than sanitary cycles.

I love my Miele but every time I read about these Samsung's/LG's I want one too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Samsung - deep steam washer

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I'd like one of these companies to please show me how injecting steam into the wash tub will enhance wash performance. It may briefly heat up the surfaces of items in the direct path of the steam jet, but the rest of the clothes are still at a lower temperature and as soon as the load tumbles the steam is unlikely to overcome the thermal mass of the tub, water and laundry combined. It's simply illogical to me.

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