Noisy condensate pump on new Lennox system install

arliedogNovember 24, 2011

This past Monday I got my new SLP98v Lennox furnace installed along with a CX17 air conditioner, Lennox bypass humidifier and new condensate pump.

The furnace is super quiet and so far I like it. The problem is that with these furnaces the condensate pump runs often and is very noisy. The pump motor isn't the problem it is simply the noise of the water being pumped out of the holding tank. Is there any way of limiting this type of noise? Thought about building a foam insulated box to put over the pump but would like other ideas.

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The condensate pump the contractor installed is the Diversitech CP-16 pump. A little research indicates that this is a economy pump dispite the fact I had a top of line furnace and air conditioner installed. Are these pumps known for being moisy?

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Did you pay for a top of the line condensate pump? Even if you did it would still make noise maybe you will get used to it.

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Are you talking about the small condensate pumps that are contained in a water reservoir about the size of a shoebox?

If so, the ones I have seen are really quite simple and cost anywhere from $30 to $100. or sears or simply Google will get you a whole bunch of replacements. These generally will collect about a half gallon on condesnate at which point a float switch will turn on the pump and lift the water to a sink or to a floor drain or run outside your basement.

Normally not at all noisy. Is your pump sitting on the floor or is mounted to the side of your furnace or A/C unit?

If it is attached to the side of your unit with a couple of screws, it may be that the whole side of the furnace is "rattleing." (With the pump running, dampen the metal side with your hand.) Also, you can usually remove the cover of the unit and clean out the "gunk" and make sure the float is clear to operate.

Finally, there are pills that you can drop in to the reservoir each month that will keep the unit insides bnice and clean and free to operate.

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Had the installer out today. Turns out that when they installed the pump they dropped a knockout plug down in the tank area and that increased the noise of the pump. They replaced it and now sounds better.

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