Mix and Match Electrolux Stack

GaryFxJuly 30, 2014

We're looking at getting the Electrolux IQ Touch 60 series washer, paired with the Wave Touch 70 series gas dryer. I'm wondering if there are any issues or concerns with stacking these together, since they're different model lines (though the dimensions appear identical).

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According to their website, all current Electrolux front load laundry uses the same stacking kit so I don't see why it shouldn't work. I think most of the issues arise when you are trying to replace the washer or dryer alone 10 years later when the stacking kit and dimensions have changed.

Just out of curiosity, why are you getting such a high end dryer compared to the washer?

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We definitely want the Wave Touch dryer because of the Perfect Tumble (reversing feature). We haven't ruled out the Wave Touch washer yet, but I'm going over the manuals to see if there are any features in the washer that justify the extra expense. So far, all I've found is the slightly larger capacity and three favorites settings instead of one.

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I did the opposite: Wave Touch washer and IQ dryer. They stacked fine.

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70 series spins faster meaning less time in the dryer. Though to be honest the drying time difference between 1300 and 1400 RPM is probably not too great.

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We have both the Electrolux 70 Series Wave Touch Washer & Dryer. They replaced our very good Miele W4842 Washer and T9802 Dryer. We have the Electric Dryer, as I personally despise gas dryers. I have always found electric dryers to be quieter, quicker, more even and much safer. USA is one of the very few markets in the entire world, that even use gas dryers. Ok, off my soap box.
When we were researching, I remember the 70 Series Wave Force washers having A LOT more features, compared to the 60 Series. I LOVE, LOVE the add more water feature, the delay start and Shrink Guard (after the final spin, the drum tumbles both directions for 10 mins. Clothes, sheets and towels are untangled, fluffy and even a little dryer....ready to be just tossed in the dryer).
Yes, the 70 Series dryer with reverse tumble, shrink guard, wrinkle prevent, etc, etc is the way to go!!
The build quality is not as robust as the Miele units were, but I feel much, much better than LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, GE, etc, etc. I think you should get both 70 Series. It is worth it, IMO!! ;)

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The 70 series dryer is rated a 10 on Reviewed.com.

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"I have always found electric dryers to be quieter, quicker, more even and much safer. USA is one of the very few markets in the entire world, that even use gas dryers"

Weird. I have had both. From an end user perspective they seem exactly the same. In fact I can't even tell what fuel a dryer uses until I look at the back and see what connections it has. They sound the same to me, and it doesn't even make sense how one could be more or less even. The clothes just have hot air blown on them, there is no direct exposure to the heat source. I have never had experienced safety issues with either type of dryer. Have you had an accident with a gas dryer or something?

I had a gas dryer at my last place, and now have electric. I like it less for one reason: it costs much more to operate than a gas dryer.

Luckily that's not a huge issue for us since we usually air dry. I honestly think there is no excuse for not air drying laundry the majority of the time. We live in a very cold climate and it doesn't stop us, we just have racks that we set up indoors. One could do the same if they lived in a condo with no place outside to dry. The only times we use our dryer are those rare situations when we either need the clothes NOW or when we're doing an unusually large quantity of laundry at once that just physically can't be accommodated on the racks.

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larsi, judging from the manual, the 60 series washer has all the features you mention, though sometimes under a different name. Instead of "Add More Water", it's called "Max Fill".

As for drying time, our current, low-end Maytag gas dries much faster than the electric Kenmore we had at the old house. But is that a fair comparison? The vent hose at the old house was about 20 feet long, compared to 4 at the new house.

Proper venting of a gas dryer is a bit more important than with an electric, but I know of no reason to think them less safe.

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Thanks to everyone for the responses. The machines on in, 70 dryer, 60 washer. It will take a while to get used to them (no more recklessly dumping a capful of detergent around the washer drum), but so far, we're delighted.

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