Charlies Soap - Best Price? Website? Coupons?

smargeJuly 19, 2009

I realized I'm finally getting close to the bottom of my 5 gal. Charlies Soap laundry powder and need to reorder.

However, the bargain-hunger in me wants to get a a really great deal - I remember getting emails from CS offering deals in the past, but since my bucket lasted forever, I didn't need to use them so I haven't gotten any in a while.

I found that the 5 gal is $144.87 on the CS wesbite. I found an old coupon that might have have given me free shipping, but I haven't tried it bc I found the same bucket for less on another site that offered free shipping. I'll probably buy from this site, unless someone can point me to a better deal. is offering the bucket of laundry detergent powder for $138.50 with free shipping. (They give free shipping on most orders over $100)

I also was interested in a great oxygen bleach (better than Oxi-clean, which I found to be so-so), and after much research decided to buy Oxy-Boost. I found it at for $56.95 for a 20 lb tub. I also found an online coupon for 15% off (OXYGEEK), which almost covered the shipping charges.

Thought I'd share what I found and also ask anyone else if they had better sources or better coupons to share for these products.


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I had over 1/2 a bucket of Charlie's Soap when they announced an end to free shipping, so I bought another bucket then and there and put it in storage. I probably have enough Charlie's for 5-6-years now. Give them a call or send them an e-mail and ask if they have any bargains/specials, or if they will honor an old coupon? The people at Charlie's Soap are wonderful, so it wouldn't surprise me if they honor the old coupon to keep a customer.

I purchased Oxy-Boost to use on our wood deck. We had some left so I used it in the laundry with Charlie's Soap. I noticed everything line-dried was STIFF when I added Oxy-Boost, which is what happens when I have used other oxygen cleaners.


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I was unaware that oxygen bleach caused stiffness in clothing, although I don't line dry much besides my most delicate items and bathing suits (which haven't really needed oxygen bleach...).

Why would oxygen bleach cause stiffness?


Regardless, it has arrived, so I'll use it and report back whether we notice any stiffness.

Meanwhile, any cheaper way to buy my Charlie's Soap Powder? I need to place my order in the next week so I don't run completely out.


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Since no one has posted anything better, I decided to go buy from the site I mentioned above, and I realized I posted it incorrectly.

Am posting a link below to make it easier for future Charlie's Soap buyers to find.

Here is a link that might be useful: Generation Orange - 5 gal Charlies Soap Link

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Here is a link that might be useful: Charlie's soap

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I purchased some on Didn't pay much attention with the price so you might want to check...

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