Miele W4842; Custom + Sensitive= no extra time?

larsi_gwJuly 2, 2010

I used Custom today, Very Warm, Max Spin. When I select Extended or Heavy Soil (pre-wash)...the machine adds rougly 25-31 mins to to 1:00 wash time.

If I select Custom + Sensitive...the wash time stays 1:00. This seems odd, since if I select Sensitive with Normal, Wrinkle Free, Extra White, the time is increased to allow for the extra rinse (sensitive option).

Anyone else have this?

Machine is running flawlessly though...and SO quiet and balanced! Clothes are so clean, soft and fluffy!!!! :)

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Ok...I think I have a bigger issue, and hope of you guys can help!

After the cycle set to Custom + Sensitive option ended, I tried Normal, Extra White, Wrinkle free, etc, etc and added the Sensitive option....No extra time added, no extra rinse!!

If I select Extended or Heavy Wash, the wash time is extended for the cycles I select! But nothing for Sensitive!

I thought just the Custom cycle was affected, but I have NO Sensitive/3rd rinse!

I went into my programming, and tried selecting and un-selecting Allergy, Rinse Process, Bleach, maximum water level, etc,, to see if this would return my Sensitive Option...and nothing. The machine is running amazingly perfect, but what has happened to my Sensitive Option?

The light illuminates when I select Sensitive, but no time extension, and no physical extra rinse!

Concerned, annoyed, a little worried! Thanks for any help!


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I told you in another thread that you should turn ON the combined water+/extra rinse option otherwise the Sensitive button will not work. You said elsewhere that you turned on only the water+, which will render your Sensitive button useless.


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Sshrivastava...I wasn't playing with my settings (that sounds so naughty! :)

I just wanted to extra rinse some school clothes and school bedding for my 3 year old today. I was really concerned that my Sensitive option did not work!

You are genius!!! I never understood what you meant by Water+ and Extra Rinse. I figured it out just now, after reading your post!!

I "played with my settings" again, and instead of just selecting Water+, I kept scrolling thru the options of Water+, Extra Rinse..and A-HA! I found it! Water+ and Extra Rinse combined! I selected what you said, and voila...My Sensitive option now works!

Question...Now that I have Water+ and Extra Rinse programmed/selected, if I do not physically push the Sensitive button, will I now be getting 3 rinses with every load by default? With Water+ (it rinses in A LOT of water)..I do not need 3 rinses with every wash load. Usually 2 rinses with the Water+ setting is more than enough! Just sometimes I would like a 3rd rinse!

Again, Thank You. I was going to call Miele Service on Monday. You made my mind relax, and now all weekend, I will not think about my non-functioning Sensitive Option. This Board really does ROCK!!!! And I LOVE my W4842 and T9802. I am still amazed at the build quality, materials used and the condition and cleanliness of all my clothes, sheets and towels. Miele has actually made some of my older cotton clothing look newer! Brilliant!


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By selecting water+/extra rinse, you should be getting additional rinse levels even if your Sensitive button is not pressed. If it is, you get the 3rd rinse. Of course if you have also selected Maximum Water Level you will have standard rinse levels up to the bottom of the porthole with every rinse. Again, pressing Sensitive will simply give you a 3rd rinse.

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Oh my god I am so confused nowÂ.. Let me start off by saying I made the colossal mistake of being too prepared and had the service manual weeks before I had my machine. I decided how I would configure it before it even arrived. Not understanding how it would work with the default setting, let alone all of the changes I made. I never realized that some of these setting would either permit or inhibit another. With that said, how does selecting "Maximum water level" keep the rinse levels standard? Is it only for the wash water level, higher wash water, so less rinse water?

Dear Miele,
What the fuc_? You have a decent amount of people her who would love to know more about how our machines really work. We love them, show us what we can do with them, maybe send out an instructional DVD....... for the love of go.......................

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A decent amount of People here

for the love of god.........

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Maximum Water Level affects only rinse water level and takes it to the maximum regardless of load type. This is useful in soft water areas where laundry doesn't rinse as well with less water. It does not affect wash levels. Water+/Extra Rinse does increase wash and rinse levels slightly. You can turn both settings on and use them together with no ill effect. You'll have slightly increased wash water levels and rinse water up to the bottom of the porthole.

I recommend using Miele's default settings for most people. If you need to change anything, do it one setting at a time and observe the results. Change only those settings which are absolutely necessary and where you've confirmed changing the setting actually does something. I'm convinced that turning on Allergy function does absolutely nothing to the machine.

None of the service menu customizations work in Custom mode.

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