Sears' Electrolux EWFLs65i closeout - but why blue at full price?

infohound2006July 8, 2010

Well, I missed Sears' awesome clearance price on the Electrolux EWFLs65i models, to make room for the new model line (EWFLs70j). The s65 is out of stock everywhere near me (in California).

But I'm puzzled how come the Mediterranean Blue is still at full price $1599.00 at Sears? Does anyone know why? And, if/when that color is likely to go on clearance too?

I have fallen in love with the Electrolux, but I just can't justify the $1599 price, not even with a rebate. :-(

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I was wondering the same thing about the blue. I saw the sale a few days ago and after comparing and having my fiance' want a decision from me, I went with ewfls65i. I hope I made the right decision.

Anyways, I liked the turquoise and blue. Finally, decided on blue and since Sears was closed, I go to their website and blue is not at the reduced price. I'm going in tomorrow morning to Sears to ask in person. In the meantime, I put my order in for turquoise. In my area, when I check on availability of the blue indicates 12-14 days, silver indicates 7-9 days, red is out of stock. All colors besides blue show reduced price option. I'll post what I find out from Sears tomorrow.

Another bizarre thing, I went to Lowes to see about a price match and they said they can't price match Electrolux and it should never be on sale. I tried going to lowes for their free delivery/haul away and cheap extended warranty.

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TechiGirl - Sears was offering a Free delivery and haul away too. It was in the form of a rebate, but they make rebates super easy and it comes in the form of a Master Card. Maybe you can still get that?

I agree that it doesn't make sense that the MB is higher price, but I'm still not sure the Sears price was not a mistake. The only thing I can think is that if Sears personally stocks these machines, then they want to blow them out. I don't think Lowes stocks any of the machines - Lowes always has a long lead time for deliver of the Electrolux machines. But this still doesn't answer why the price would be different.

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No clue as to why the blue is a higher price, but the EWFLS65I models are being discontinued for the EWFLS70J models, which is why Sears lowered the price, so they could clear them out for the new model. When I went to Pacific Sales for the price match guarantee and told them about the Sears price, they were incredulous! They are UMRP protected, which means Electrolux requires retailers to sell at a certain price only, no less, or risk losing them altogether. So my sales guy called his Electrolux rep and found out that the 65I models are no longer UMRP protected and they are being discontinued to make room for the 70J models. In fact, the computer at Pacific Sales did not allow for an adjustment in the price of the Electrolux units because of the UMRP, even the 65I models, and so he had to do everything manually on a calculator to give me the credit for the price match.

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Podge, was Pacific Sales able to get the washer for you? I'd gone to Western Electric today, to try to get a price match as well. They told me that it's been discontinued since May, so they can't even order it from Electrolux any more, and definitely not for the Sears price. Who knows which parts are true, but that was their story.

So, how much better is the 65s than the 55s series? Those are available as floor models. I know that the 65 is 1350 RPM vs 1200, and I would prefer that, but compared to my (moldy) Kenmore 3t's 1000 RPM, it should still be a noticeable improvement. Right? On the other hand, on the 65s I saw, there was one part of the rubber boot, near the latch, where the two sides of the rubber touched, so I worry about mold there as well. I wonder if that counts as a manufacturing defect?

We're trying to decide between a 65s in green or red, vs a 55s in white, to match our white dryer, which still works. I do like the 65s, but the color would definitely stand out.

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Well, have a bit more information:

I just talked to Western Electric today again, and their Electrolux binder shows that all the colors of the 65s series stopped being manufactured at the end of April.

I wonder how soon Sears will have the 70 series display models on the floor? I expect that the blue would go on closeout at that time. (Apparently that's the color stops traffic. Although, given Sears' current delivery estimate of mid-August, there may not even be any 65s to put onto clearance.)

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The Sears rep I talked to Friday made it sound the same way - the color selection was all based on what was in inventory.

I did notice the new samsung is bigger, maybe electrolux is switiching the to 70 to maintain their pitch that they have the largest.

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