Sferra bedding- Is it worth the money?

marvelousmarvinJanuary 17, 2014

When I think of fine Italian bedding, I know about Pratessi and Frette. But, has anybody heard about or know anything about Sferra Fine Linens, which are also made in Italy?

How good is Sferra bedding?

I've seen some Sferra bedding in Tuesday Morning stores, which actually makes me skeptical about the quality because most of the goods in Tuesday Morning aren't usually that good. Instead, I find the stuff at Home Goods to be better than the stuff at Tuesday Morning.

And, does Tuesday Morning jack up the regular prices to make it seem like you're getting a deal? I'm trying to fight against the human psychology where you think something expensive must be high quality.

I'm looking at Sferra Amante 1993 which is 100% Egyptian Cotton Satten Jaquard and made in Italy. The regular price on the tag is almost $700 just for a full fitted sheet so that cost doesn't include the flat sheet (not that I would ever use the flat sheet) or the pillows.

If it really cost that much just for a Sferra fitted sheet in a full size, wouldn't you just buy something from Pratessi or Frette for that amount of money?

Of course, Tuesday Morning doesn't sell it for $700. Instead, their price is about $250, which seems like a bargain only if that $700 price is really true. Yet, when I tried to see how much it really sells for, I couldn't find that information.

And, what's up with the Sferra Bros bedding I see Tuesday Morning selling next to Sferra Fine Linens bedding? Is Sferra so well known that Sferra Bros is trying to copy it and confuse customers like the Beverly Hills Polo Club clothing does to Ralph Lauren's Polo, even using a similar polo icon?

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I have often wondered about Sferra after seeing them in Tuesday Morning. We have a set of Frette sheets that our daughter bought for us while living in Italy. They are by far our favorite sheets and still look like new after about 5 years.

The sheets are both flat, with the top sheet having a slight stripe to distinguish it from the botton sheet.

I first discovered Frette sheets while staying at a lovely B&B on Nantucket. Now I look for them when we travel. Last year we went into the Frette store on Rodeo Drive. Wowza, the prices were astounding!

Let us know what you decide. I would really like to find a more affordable luxury sheet set.

Here's an blog that compares Italian sheets:

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I had some Sferra sheets from Neiman Marcus...not worth it. The Sferra towels are good.

I really like the Hamburg House sheet fabric. It was slick, but soft, and wore well.

I used to buy these at the catalogue clearance center, but they shut it down, and then I moved. Now I have to buy the sheets from Pottery Barn, as they are the only ones that DH likes!


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Sferra sheets are wonderful...but also check to see if your Tuesday Morning has Peacock Alley. Those sheets are incredible! So incredible that my husband actually notices when the Peacock Alley set we have goes on the bed instead of the other expensive ones we have.

Long live Tuesday Morning.

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I'm not too picky with my sheets, but my DH is and he thinks the Sferra ones are great. He bought several sets. I'm not that impressed with the quality for the price we paid.

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I have had Sferra sheets. While the fabric was very nice, the top sheet barely covered the mattress. I hated those sheets because I despise skimpy sheets. I think I finally used them as rags.

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I have and like Sferra, but prefer Frette. Peacock Alley is also very nice. We just bought a set of Veratex (I think that's what it's called) for the guest bedroom. They are made in the USA and seem very nice for the price.

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I have been sleeping on SFERRA sheets for years. I know from a friend who owns a home specialty shop that the things that are sold in Tuesday Morning are typically the items the company has discontinued. So what you see there might be from the end of the season, but, if you like the design or the color or the particular fabrication, it's a really great way to get a deal on their luxury bedding. A Tuesday Morning won't have the wide selection that a regular linen shop might, so your experience in a Tuesday Morning is going to be more limiting.

I personally think SFERRA makes some of the nicest sheets in the world. They have a LOT of different kinds of sheeting to choose from, so you can find what you specifically prefer, whether you are a percale or a sateen fan. They use Egyptian cotton and everything is woven in Italy so everything is soft soft soft. They have a nice website that describes how to choose your bedding too, http://www.losecount.com it helped me understand that sheets are not just about having a high thread count.

Every item I ever purchased has been overcut in size, so how anyone could say the top sheet is skimpy is beyond me--if anything they are overly generous!

As for Tuesday Morning vs Home Goods--it's just the place, and you know you are shopping at an off-price place, so if you find something you like and are looking for, and you're getting a deal, why complain about the store experience? The minute you enter either of these stores, you know you are not in a Saks store so you shouldn't expect it!

I think their products are well made and worth the money, and absolutely on par with a Frette or a Pratesi, in my humble opinion. I've slept on a lot of luxury sheeting, and I have stayed in lots of five-star resort hotels. Which, they supply linens to as well. My two cents.

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This is quite the discussion- and I know the question was asked in earnest. The question also about the retail price and discount were valid. Everyone has an opinion and that is what this forum is all about.........but I really had to chuckle at those preecey pricey sheets made into rags. REALLY!

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I have been very disappointed in Sferra over the past year and a half. I've bought lots of their items them from Tuesday morning, and some at the regular price as well. I ordered two of the extra large bath towels directly from their online site about 18 months ago--- for $100 per on sale----and both developed numerous holes after a year. They were washed in a front loading machine with no sharp edges, and nothing in the load to rip them. I will never, ever buy anything from Sferra again.

IMO Frette is a nicer finish, and Peacock Alley is the sturdiest of the luxury brands.

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I just came across this site (linked below) today. The blog I found them from said the company was started by someone who wanted fine linens comparable to Sferra but for a more affordable price. Has anyone had experience with these sheets? I was going to order swatches, but the cost for 2 swatches was $6 (reasonable) but shipping was $14. It always bothers me when shipping is more than the item and I couldn't pull the trigger.

Here is a link that might be useful: Parachute

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Perhaps, I was being unclear, but I wasn't complaining about the store experience of shopping at Tuesday Morning. I actually enjoy the treasure hunt experience of going to a swap meet, thrift shop, or an off-price store.

I questioned Sferra because it was being sold at Tuesday Morning when a lot of the other stuff being sold at Tuesday Morning isn't very good. Its like if I saw Sferra being sold at Ross, I'd be a bit skeptical about its quality.

For me, I think there's a discernible difference in the quality in the products that you can find at stores like Tuesday Morning and Ross vs Home Goods. Sometimes, you can unearth some really nice stuff at Home Goods.

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Is there a hierarchy of quality to the Sferra stuff- I see Sferra, Sferra Bros, Linea Casa by Sferra, Sferra Celeste, etc..

Is all the Sferra stuff going to be good? Or, is some stuff going to be very good while other stuff isn't going to be that good and you just have to know the difference?

Its so hard to really judge bedding because some sheets get better with age and some sheets lose their softness after one washing.

From what I'm reading, it turns out that a lot of companies coat their sheets with a special fabric softner so the sheet will feel great when you touch it in the store when its brand new. But, once you wash it, you wash away that softner and then you wonder what happened to the bedding.

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in 2008 I bought sheets online from Neiman Marcus, they said Sferra for Neiman and they were made in china. I just checked on the NM website and the "Marcus collection" by Sferra seems to be made in portugal. It's not unusual for house lines to be made elsewhere.

I actually am still using those sheets occasionally and like them but it did bother me when I read the package, since I thought all Sferra products were from Italy..

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I have bought Sferra from TM and been very pleased, but I found another line of linens that are even better and a good value.

Recently we stayed overnight at our friend's new home and I thought their sheets were wonderful. I also noticed that they pulled them right out of the dryer and they were smooth and wrinkle free.

I asked, and they are a line of sheets from the Biltmore House collection, sold at Belk. I bought some and we are in love. I have been having sheets laundered and pressed; truly no need to do that with these. We went with the slightly lower thread count ( I think 600?) because the fitted sheet is constructed slightly different and will fit our very thick mattress the best.

Here is a link that might be useful: biltmore house bedding

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Goodness, I just looked it up. There are no Tuesday Mornings in Manhattan. Too bad!

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Its ironic that Sferra started that website, losecount.com, about not being blinded by thread count when Sferra was the one that let the genie out of the bottle by starting the thread count race:


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I agree with JJAM about the Belk linens. Very superior to Sferra.

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