Change Daylight sSavings date RTH8500D Honeywell tstat

pjb999November 4, 2011

As in title, I have an Honeywell RTH8500D tstat. Here in Canada a couple of years ago they changed the dates Daylight Savings kicks in/out. The Honeywell still thinks it's the old dates. I know I can turn off the automatic DS adjustment, but I wondered if there's a way - or secret menu - to change the dates in the calendar. It seems rather final to have hard-wired those dates in, not to mention a lot more complicated for the overseas market.

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You can turn off daylight savings time adjustment. Here is the link to the manual. It is changed in installer set up 0330.

Here is a link that might be useful: RTH8500D manual

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Thanks, I guess I'll have to just turn it off. It seems rather final to not be able to specify the dates.

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Call Honeywell and ask them if there is a way to change the dates. It may be a feature not listed in the manual.

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That's actually a great idea. I think this model is consumer-oriented, so there must be some hidden features. It's actually a lot like programming an alarm system. Not surprising, since Honeywell/Ademco make them too!

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I've never seen any clock device have this feature, including Windoze. The dates are frozen.

My car does it and so does my alarm clock. I have to set them manually.

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Actually, Windoze has had that feature for some time - I remember downloading a patch for Windows 2000 to allow for date changes. Of course, even Microsoft eventually caught up to Apple and offer an option to reference the computer clock to a time server, so you never have to check the accuracy of the clock either, provided your internet connection is accurate and your timezone preferences are set.

You've got me on the car. Our oldest is a '92 so pre-internet even. Keeps pretty accurate time unlike the mechanical car clocks of old.

Here is a link that might be useful: Microsoft Support kb

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