how can i attach a dryer to a non matching pedestal. all ideas!

fastonetimeJuly 12, 2012

Hi there, I have a kenore dryer 8027 made by lg. I have an extra electrolux pedestal that id like to attach to my dryer. My dryer fits ontop perfect and I just need ideas as how I would secure it. The electrolux pedestal tabs do not fit the holes on the kenmore. I was thinking of using zip ties around the legs of the dryer and use more zip ties to the pedestal tabs. Or lol it and tape it tp the pedestal with gorilla glue tape hehe. I've run out of ideas. I was thinking someone has done this before and I just wanna make sure it stays put. I just dobt wanna waste the 250 dollar pedestal. I toook it off the washer because the wave touch was too noisy during spin on the pedestal. All ideas welcome!

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I need to know too~ please help...

We have LG Pedestals and would like to install to Sumsang washer and dryer.

Thanks a lot

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Each pedestal is engineered for its complementing product. Hard to tell what the outcome might produce with a mix-n-match strategy. You'll likely have to fabricated a triangular corner gusset of some sorts--at all four corners--that can accommodate the connection(s) and secure the connections with a proper bolt, nut and washer assembly; including the amount of necessary fasteners (fasteners are rated for what they are chosen to perform). The gusset material is important and you can see what your big box hardware store has to offer in the way of Simpson Strong-Tie that might be used as base to start your fabrication.

However, although repurposing the pedestals results in out-of-pocket savings, the final results might be disastrous in real-life and cause life-and limb consciences. I would hate to learn that the pedestals crumpled under prolonged stress at some part of the pedestal. People are free to do as they please, but my reference to the Simpson Strong-Tie products is for a reason: to see how engineering is heavily involved in these products.

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Actually, if the dryer doesn't shake, which I suppose it doesn't, then why not just put it on the Lux pedestal as is? You'd be amazed how many appliance collectors over here just stack the dryer on top of the washer without any stacking kit and it works fine. Just make sure the pedestal is a little wider that the dryer's feet so they won't slip right off should the dryer ever move. And if it does move, you can still think about how to attach the two together.


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Well guess I'm out of luck. Can't find a way to attach it. So anyone in Cali who wants it I'll let it go for 150. It's brand new. Just my luck it wouldn't fit the dryer.

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