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whirlpool_traineeJuly 15, 2013

This year, Miele will launch a new series of washers and dryers on the European market. Some info has already popped up on certain Miele homepages but the main launch will take place during September's IFA event (= European CES).

Here's some info from the user's manual for the (as of now) TOL washer:

9 kilo capacity (though these are no larger than current models - you're just supposed to stuff the drum more)

1,600 rpm spin

TwinDos - two detergent reservoirs automatically add liquid detergent and liquid oxy bleach to the wash. Miele sells its own products called ultraPhase I and ultraPhase II but the reservoirs can also be filled with any other liquid detergent or softener.

CapDosing - inserted into the fabric softener compartment, the washer can add several special-use products like softener, detergents for wool, down, silk, proofing agent, outdoor gear, sports gear or a detergent booster. Much like Nespresso capsules. You can use the compartment for regular softener as well.

PowerWash System - recirculation jet

EcoFeedback - displays the estimated/real water and energy consumption before/after a cycle

Soil Level selection

Delay Start - start at xx or finish at xx

Cotton Eco
Perm Press
Automatic Plus
Steam Refresh
Feather Beds
Rinse Only
Sports Gear
New Textiles
Clean Machine
Favorites (up to ten)
Express 20
Steam Finish
Single Items Mix (for a small load of mixed items: you select the clothing items from a list of 19 preset articles and the washer chooses a cycle)

Intensive Wash - more tumbling, longer heating time
Eco - less heating, extended wash time
Gentle - slower tumbling
Silent - no spins, more rinses
Allergo Wash - more rinsing, extended wash at the selected temp
Stains - pre-programmed treatment of 22 types of stains
Quick - a shorter wash
Steam Smoothing - steams away wrinkles after the final spin
Soak - from 30 minutes to six hours
Water Plus - three levels of extra water (+, ++, and +++)
Pre Wash
Extra Rinse

All Water - this washer has a second intake hose for warm water (or softened water, well water, rain water...). It also allows for a warm rinse.

As part of the special options, one can now select Maximum Water Level for the rinses without having to call customer service.

The dryer is a heat-pump model, of course.

It also features a steam option that injects a water mist into the drum. The water is drawn in from the condensed water reservoir.

Like on previous models, you can add a scent capsule into the lint filter that adds some scent to the clothes. These last several cycles and are available through... Miele.

Dryness levels are Extra Dry, Normal dry +, Normal Dry, Slightly Damp, Hand Iron Dry I, Hand Iron Dry II, Rotary Iron Dry

Perm Press
Finish Wool
Steam Smoothing
Automatic Plus
Finish Silk
Timed Dry Warm or Cold
Pillows Large or Normal
Cotton Hygiene
Favorites (up to ten)
Rack Dry
Single Items Mix

Gentle Plus - reduced temp
Refresh - to refresh textiles
Extended Tumble - up to two hours
Half Load

Both appliances are enabled for the Miele@Home, which allows them to be controlled from a central point in the home (usually a Miele oven).

Here's a :brochure with pictures

This is a middle-of-the-range pair. The TOL models have a larger display with three lines.

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Excellent report! Thanks!

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Will I regret having bought the w3033? ;) I haven't even got it installed yet.

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Certainly not! ;-) Who knows when (if) these are going to be released in the US.

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According to the Miele US website the w3033 is "retired" and refers people to check with their dealers for availability. The W 3037 looks like the replacement. On the product description it looks like the W 3037 has 7 standard wash programs compared with the 6 standard programs of the w3033. Otherwise the x3033 & w3037 look identical. This isn't the washer you are referring to in this post. They look way different in the photos.

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