furniture touching floor furnace help!!

cottagecindyNovember 10, 2011

New here! (but a longtime fan) I have a floor furnace (the Cozy brand model) I'm in a cute rental cottage now, hopefully till I retire or the owner sells the property god forbid. (700 sq feet approx) the only place for an entertainment armoire in the living room is overhanging the floor heater furnace grill by 8", but sits high by 5", however the wood braket feet -one is on carpet, the other on the grill edge. Before I had the furniture I tested out this heater-it seems most of the heat blows out the opposite side (away from the armoire) but stil gets hotter than h@#* !!!! So.... my husband claims (as well as the landlord who is a contractor with multiple licenses) are telling me it is ok as long as we put a heat protective something under the leg brackets. Husband has ordered some thermal heat wrap car stuff (??) don't know exactly what it is-he says "TRUST me" uggg but I don't want the place to burn down. or move the armoire, and I want heat! Anyone?? Help?

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I doubt that a fire will result. But the armoire may be ruined. Often these are MDF or similar wood fiber board products with a 6 mil vinyl overlay. If that is the case, the heat will not be good for the vinyl nor the adhesive used to bond it to the panel. And the bonding adhesive used within the panel is another unknown. Pardon the pun, but in this application the armoire is toast.

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For what it's worth a floor furnace is highly illegal and
not permitted up here. There is obviously a reason for that.

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