Does anyone have Waste King disposal?

PoorOwnerJanuary 24, 2009

How is the Waste King comparing to ISE? I read some reviews but I am still not sure. From what I have read in general it seems like a good unit.

I do compost whenever possible (it's on the corner of my flower bed and just feeds the soil critter and earthworms from the bottom, never gets full) I am not the type who tend to push a corn cob down into the disposal. The use of my old Badger was limited, but I suspect I will use it a bit more now since I will have a single sink. Of course, I still want a good, trouble free unit.

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We purchased a WK during our remodel 2.5 yrs ago - I ordered a 3/4 hp & a 1hp showed up from delivery truck - turns out if you have a 1hp it has lifetime warranty -
Very happy w/it - it's not quiet -but I only use it for a few seconds so it doesn't bother me.
Not sure about the comparison to ISE

Good luck

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we have the WK batch feed 1 hp and have been very happy with it

grinds up everything thrown down it including an occasional green 3m scrubby

why WK

The appliance dealer who we purchased the rest of the appliances from had them all in their warehouse waiting for us to call and say we were ready for them. A couple came in wanted the same fridge we had and was willing to pay bust out retail for it. So being good salesmen they sold her ours thinking they could have a replacement in 3 days. Unfortunately we call a day later and said its a go.

they explained the situation said it would be thursday not tuesday and had we purchased a disposal. I said no we had not. that was end of conversation. when appliances arrived all were there as well as the WK disposal and an invoice showing no charge for the disposal. So... long story is that is why we went with WK

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First I have to say that regardless of brand, you must get a disposer that is at least 3/4 hp and with all stainless steel innards. Anything else would be throwing out your money.

Also be careful to note the measurements of various disposers and seeing whether you have the room under your sink. Your plumbing outlet must be lower than the outlet on the disposal. So your choice may end up being based on measurements, not on brand. P.S. if you are very constrained under your sink, Insinkerator makes a "compact" disposer that gets good reviews.

I have the Waste King 3/4 hp batch feed disposal and love it. You wouldn't believe the stuff I've put down there without it hesitating (I took the Waste King's instruction booklet literally, since it said I could put bones down there, corn cobs, fibrous vegetables like artichokes, and all kinds of stuff). If you are looking for a batch feed style, Waste King makes a 3/4 hp and a 1 hp. Insinkerator makes a 3/4 hp batch feed, and then they do make a 1 hp batch feed, but under the Kitchenaid badge. Both Insinkerator and Waste King make good products. I can only think of 3 differences between them:

- Waste King's warranties are longer, some of theirs have lifetime warranties. Also, Waste King's warranties are "in-home", meaning you do not have to remove the disposer and turn it in to get the warranty benefits - Waste King will replace it in your home free of charge.

- Insinkerator disposers are quieter. They do put more sound insulation into their 3/4 hp and 1 hp disposers.

- Waste King batch feed disposers have a hard black plastic stopper. Insinkerator batch feed disposers have a stainless steel stopper. This is moot if you are getting a continuous feed disposer.

I believe the prices of both brands are comparable. Shop on the 'net for the best prices; you likely won't do better locally.

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Wow, thanks for the great info, what is a continuous feed vs batch feed? I have a switch that turns on the disposal, that means I need a continuous feed right?

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We have a Waste King and it has lasted over 16 trouble. I am so very impressed with this unit.

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yes you have a continuous feed if you have a switch

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We bought the Waste King 8000 (1 hp) a few weeks ago from Costco online for $79--the regular price at Costco is $99--which is already a sweet deal!

We have an ISE now, but it is one of the smaller units and does not "eat" everything. This new WK is supposed to be much better. It has a Lifetime (in-home) warranty, and I really like that. I have heard only good things about this disposer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Waste King at Costco

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I bought a WK about four years ago because, spec for spec, it was a much better deal than a similar ISE. I don't regret the purchase at all.

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Thanks guys, I have been "Wasted" =)

I bought from Costco, and really saved some money on this appliance. The ISE looked better, but the Waste King has better value (1 HP, cord included)

It's a huge and it's not too loud at all. It sure beats my old Badger.

If anyone know where I can get a strainer please let me know.

Just installed today:

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We jus bought the Waste King at Costco, so this forum is perfect for us. What is batch feed?

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We chose WasteKing because the noise rating was better. It is difficult to get a strainer for WK, however, because it is not as common.

poorowner: please see my post in this forum ( for info about how to get a strainer to work for a WasteKing. There may be simpler solutions but to get what we wanted this is what we had to do...

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Arbordomus, did you go through that route to get the ORB finish strainer? It sounds to me you used a ISE flange?

I found their strainers, not that pretty but will work I think?

Chrome model is 4013

Here is a link that might be useful: Waste King stopper and drainers

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poorowner: we wanted the same strainer on the disposer and the sink. We could get matching finishes for different drain assemblies, but the only strainers that we could find for a disposer fit into the ISE mounting assembly ergo the need for an adapter at the WasteKing. The 4013 that you cite is for a sink, not a disposer (note the small throat below the strainer).

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Hi arbordomus, I understand your problem, ISE flanges and accessories seems to be much more common. Good job getting the top parts changed out.

I called Waste King and they told me the strainer is 4009. It is available in stainless; it can also be used as a stopper. This item will work on the original Waste King 3 bolt flange in my picture.

I hope this helps anyone who bought this Disposer 9980 recently. I don't like to see the rubber splash guard and trying to avoid utensils falling in.

Forgot to say the Disposer 9980 has a Lifetime in home warranty. I have written the serial number from the bottom onto the body of the disposer, since I can't read it after the installation.

The WK has a higher RPM motor (2800 RPM) than the ISE (1725 RPM). But it will slow down when grinding to increase torque, at least that's what the manual says.

Here is a link that might be useful: Anaheim Mfg - Accessories 4009

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Poorowner is the splash guard on yours removable? My parents old disposer had one and I hated it which is why I chose In Sink Erator instead.

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It's not easily removable, it is part of the cushion mount. Does it get into your way of putting waste in? I guess you can't really take it out to clean it easily.

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The one that my parents had came completely out and was very stiff. It came out every time I used any utensil to push food into it. I have an ISE now that came with one removable splash guard and one permanent. At the time I bought this one, I couldn't find a Waste King that didn't have the permanent guard. The only plus to it was that we could take it out to fish out anything that ended up in the disposal that didn't belong there.

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To answer Krissd's question, and to address the several posts concerned with a strainer and/or splashguard: If you get a batch feed disposer instead of a continuous feed, you will not have the rubber flange/splashguard at all. That's one of the reasons I chose a batch feed; I dislike the clammy flange, although I understand that continuous feed machines have their pluses too. But for me, no thank you to having to slide my wrist past that flange if I drop something down the disposer. A batch feed disposer has no flange, and uses its stopper to turn on and off; there is no need for a switch in your backsplash or countertop. The batch feed's stopper is also used, of course, as a stopper, and also as a strainer if you just give it a quarter turn.

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akchicago - Thanks for explaining that. I guess ours is continuous.

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I purchased a strainer for my Wasteking at Call and tell them what model you have and what finish you are looking for. I believe Bill was the name of the man I dealt with. Good Luck.

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