dcarch7June 10, 2014

I closed the refrigerator door too quickly, all 18 eggs fell out from the egg compartment.

A little cleaning up, I salvaged many broken ones.

I had to use up the eggs, and the messed up rhubarb stalks in the veggie drawer.

I was forced to make a rhubarb cake, a rhubarb mango cheese cake, and a sous vide rhubarb chicken.


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Your rhubarb cake is beautiful.


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I agree, that cake is beautiful and it looks delicious.

I would say "sorry about the eggs" but anything that causes a rhubarb cake AND cheesecake all at once isn't something I can be sympathetic about usually, LOL.


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Sometimes, in life, you have to break a few eggs... :)

To get all that, you must have saved quite a few! I've never tasted rhubarb cake, but it sure looks tasty! I especially like the way you cut it for the top where it looks like feathers. :) But in the pictures, the mango sauce (sans sense of smell) looks too much like hot mustard. :) I keep saying to myself, "It's fruit!" but my eyes don't believe me...

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Oooooooo. Amazing! What's the curl on top of the cheese cake?

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Thanks Ann. I am not a cake person. It was fun baking one, and to use up a bag of old old old cake flour.

Annie. Don't feel bad for my spilled eggs. I deserve the punishment. That was not the first time it happened. I keep procrastinate fixing the door.

plllog, mango is very interesting, besides being tasty. It is the only fruit I know of which makes a 100% creamy smoothie/pulp.

Isley, thanks. That curl is rhubarb, simmered in sugar and rum.


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Instructions for Fabulous Rhubarb Mango Cheese Cake:
Step 1: Drop 18 eggs on the floor
Step 2: This is where I get lost

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I have learned more about the importance of beautiful plating from you than from any other source in my reading and surfing.
OMG, your plates are gorgeous. I love imagining you planning and carefully executing them.

Thank you many times over for sharing.

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

Why have my broken eggs never turned out like that?

Your plating is always a visual feast.

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Ditto on the very creative plating! No one has commented on your chicken, that looks so good! I'd love to have a bite of that.

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Well, I really do know better than to open your posts
When my tummy is already growling.
But I did it anyway,
Now I am drooling big time!

I LOVE rhubarb! !

There are very few cakes that I like,
But a rhubarb cake that looks like that??
Bet I could down a couple of pieces, no problem.

I do LOVE rhubarb!

As for rhubarb-mango cheesecake,
what can I say?
There is no such thing as a cheesecake that is not good.. .
I'd definitely want more than a couple of slices.

I love rhubarb!

Chicken is pretty much a take it or leave
kind of thing for me,
With white meat being a definite "leave it".
But I do think the rhubarb sauce
would completely change that!
Bring it on! ! !

Talk about happy little accidents. . .

Did I mention that I love rhubarb?? ??


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Not only are your posts delightful to look at, they are very entertaining. Thanks for posting.


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Kathy, LOL!

Bellsmom, Thanks. I love the fact that food prep gets all five senses involved; smell, taste, touch (texture), sight, and hearing.

What? food hearing? Yes, well plated food gets to hear âÂÂWOW!âÂÂs

Betsy, thanks. But have you done step#1 as detailed in KathyâÂÂs instructions right? :-)

Jasdip, thanks. Chicken cooked at no more than 145F and no less than 145F, with crispy skin on, is, IMHO, very edible.

Rusty, thanks. Rhubarb works very well in savory recipes indeed.

Jimster, thanks. Miss your wonderful witty writing here, and your infinite knowledge in the enjoyment of vegetables.


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LOL Rusty!! I think you need to be more decisive and not so wishy-washy! Hahahaa

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Such a tragedy!!! ; )

Not sure about rhubarb cheesecake but just plain cheesecake would be fine for me.

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Tragedy? Debrak, are you talking about little animal tragedies? ;-)

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Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!
Good for you...great attitude.

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Thanks LKZZ.

Not so great attitude, if you were there to hear me mouth off.

dcarch :-)

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tragedy to delicious, pretty good.

Nice cake :)

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Your floor must be sparkling clean! NO WAY would I eat anything that fell on my floor!!

I tend to sling a little when I cook, and we have a lot of edibles here on property, so things get tracked in... like various critters lurking on the produce, plus all that nasty stuff clinging to my tennis shoes. Yesterday I killed several lost ants and one grasshopper.

Maids come every other week.

You must wash your floor daily? Or does cooking kill the crud? I wipe up spills that are obvious, and can't believe all the dirt down there on that tile............

Beautiful photos and recipes though.

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Thanks Desertdance and Sisy34!

Well, the eggs fell inside the refrigerator on the shelves, they were mostly cracked, not totally smashed, except three did fall on the floor when I opened the door. I used the bottle trick to extract the yolks, which were very clean. I only needed to clean the egg white off the floor.


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