My Gain Sweet Sizzle ('Downy April Fresh scent' stash

larsi_gwJuly 8, 2012

Just in case P&G cancels or adds a very unwanted "fresh twist" to my now beloved Gain Sweet Sizzle scent...I am stocking up!!! I am up to about 35 bottles!!! LOL I know, I know...Crazy, but it smells just like my childhood and my Mom and Grandma's house. I cannot stop smelling my sheets and towels!!

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LOL...good for you larsi.

I did buy my Gain Fireworks fragrance booster because of your "Downy Like" scent find...and I think your right.

It's pretty close to the original Downy scent (before they went and f'ed it up).

You're going to be smelling April Fresh for a very long time with that stash. LOL, I love it.

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@ georgect....:)) I love it. Cannot get enough of the old April Fresh Smell. Still hoping P&G will one day, come to their senses and bring back the old, original Downy.

I dump an ENTIRE bottle of Sweet Sizzle into a large bottle of unscented Downy softener, let is sit for a day and then shake like crazy. It turns pink, instead of blue...but smells just like the Downy I love. I also add some crystals to the wash, in addition to using my new liquid formula. Happy, Happy Laundry!!! ;))

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I sure wish this product would give me the same results. maybe it is because your disolving it in fabric softern first. I may try again and Im not so easily discouraged

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gates1...what do you mean? Does it not smell like Downy to you at all (on clothes not from the bottle)?

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larsi, can you spell c-o-m-p-u-l-s-i-o-n? ;)

One thing's certain: If the economy implodes, you won't have to worry about buying fabric softener. LOL

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Geogect.....nop it doesnt smell like downy at all. It has a bug spray smell to it and gives me a headache. My friends even said the same thing as I did try it on some clothes. I have better luck washing in Tide alone and using a april fresh dryer sheet

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