Frugal lint filters

puzzlefanJuly 26, 2012

Lint filters for my washer used to drive me crazy with their cost and non clean ability. I tried different options and stumbled on one with items on hand. I used the plastic mesh from my craft supplies; cut pieces about four inches tall by 3 inches wide (depends upon your drain diameter) I used the plastic twine about an inch from the bottom of the tube I created and put a clothespin at the top to hold the shape. No more expensive lint filters. Letting the dry makes them easy to unroll and clean. I have four standing on my utility sink ready for use.

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Why don't you just let the lint flush down the drain?

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Just letting it "go down the drain" is unwise even for city people as most sewer systems are over taxed. With drain field in rural areas, anything excess should not go down the drain.

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puzzlefanl: oh pluh-ese. tree-huggers drive me nuts. haven't you got more to worry about than lint in waste water????

(now back to our regularly scheduled program)

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Puzzlefanl, thanks for the helpful contribution to our forum's information base. Someone might find it helpful, and that's what these forums are all about.

As for myself, I really appreciated Dave1812 taking the time to insult the OP and point out that this is a trivial, stupid issue to worry about. I'm considering changing my entire point of view concerning my impact on the environment and wastewater issues, am giving my composter away, and am going to go right downstairs and flush my leftover paint thinner down the drain. It's amazing what the impact of a snarky post can be, isn't it?

Or maybe not so much....

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cj47, your post is the epitome of snarky. well done.

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