Fair price for Miele W1926

YugiJuly 14, 2010


I have an opportunity to buy a used Miele W1926 washer, which seller says is 6 years old. She wants $500 for it (initial price). Is that a good price?


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I bought one for under $200, which I thought was a great deal at the time. But about a month later, I saw another W1926 being sold for $50 ! Prices people ask for these seem to be all over the map - some ask for almost $1000 (and don't get it), others move into a house with Miele appliances in them and sell them for ridiculously cheap prices because they're too small and they erroneously think Miele is some cheap off-brand because they've never heard of them and they're not as famous as GE or Maytag.

Before I bought the 1926 I also considered an older Miele washer that was being sold for $100 (listed for sale for weeks; it never sold before the homeowner moved out of country) and a newer W1986 being advertised for $395. Mine isn't in perfect shape - some mildew on the door boot and a small cut or chip in it that doesn't seem to cause leaks.

Be forewarned that these things weigh 250 lbs, and are 28 1/2" deep. They of course also require grounded 208v or 240v power (uses a 20A or 30A plug, but needs to be fused or circuit-broken at 15A), but that as you're probably aware is one of its most attractive features, not a drawback - it allows for a powerful built-in water heater that can quickly bring cold water up to 190°F, and the temperatures are clearly labelled in degrees on the control knob, instead of the usual wash-cycle names ("heavy duty", "sanitary", etc.) that leave you guessing as to how hot the water will actually get. Likewise the spin-speed control, marked simply in RPM. I'd buy a good-condition used Miele of this vintage over any new machine you can get for $500. Bonus points if the seller is including Miele's "easy installation kit", a pair of 240V outlets with 15A circuit breakers that plugs into a common 240V/30A dryer outlet (both three- and four-prong versions are available). Miele sells these at ridiculously high prices - about $200. Usually much cheaper to add a double-pole 15A circuit breaker to your electric box if you don't already have one.

See this thread:

Here is a link that might be useful: Used Miele W1926 thread

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Thanks Lee,

I currently have an old Kenmore kombo which I want to replace with something decent. It is attached to a single 240V outlet. Does Miele have the same plug as the standard US 240V outlet? I'm going to look at the machine on Saturday. What else should I look for?

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Maybe I should wait for a better deal and wait for W1918?

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> Does Miele have the same plug as the standard US 240V outlet?

The later Miele 240V washers have a plug that fits into a four-prong 240V electric dryer outlet (the plug is called a NEMA 14-30P, the outlet NEMA 14-30R). The outlet will be fused at 30 amps though and the washer really should be limited to 15 amps. This can be done by swapping out the circuit breaker, by adding a fuse or circuit breaker inline (between the washer plug and the outlet), by using Miele's easy installation kit, or by pairing it with a Bosch or Asko dryer that has a fused 15 amp outlet on the back, allowing both machines to be powered by your existing dryer outlet (but note that you may need to change or adapt the plug on your washer if you go the last route). Older Miele washers apparently used a smaller 20-amp plug (14-20P) but these seem to be less common.

What will you use for a dryer? Also note that older U.S. homes often have the old ungrounded 3-prong dryer outlets rather than the normal 4-prong type.

Personally, unless you don't have the extra 4" of depth, I prefer the 1986 to the 1918 - it holds 20% more laundry, and for some reason can heat water up to 190°F rather than 170°. The 1918 does have an option for faster spin speed (1600 rpm vs. 1200) for better water extraction and less time and energy use in the dryer, since the same motor is used on both machines and it can spin a smaller, lighter tub faster. If you don't need the extra capacity, the 1918 may be better for you - you also won't have to reach quite as far into the tub to get that last sock at the back. Otherwise, the two machines are essentially the same. Of course you have no way of knowing if anyone will have a W1918 for sale anytime soon, or if anyone who does will ask a reasonable price.

See also this thread which has alot of info about plug/outlet issues (and lots of unrelated stuff but you can sift through it).

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1926 not 1986

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I've seen the washer. It looks fine, almost like new condition. They don't have easy installation kit, ad they don't have transportation struts. They don't want to go lower than $450. What do you think?

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Here's a set on eBay for $600... I would think about getting them if I lived in NY.


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$450 reasonable if it's in good condition, but not spectacular.

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The one from ebay is gone already.

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I've got it!

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I tried it and works fine, the only problem I have is that check inlet light flashes during the end of a rinse fill for around 10-20 seconds, then fill stops and machine works as usual. I cleaned the filters, but it still the same. It happened on cottons program, but not on delicates, and when I pressed "extra water" button.

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